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Media relations: Learning from the examples of others – both good and bad

Mark Auerbach uses recent examples from his work as an arts reviewer to explain how to be good at media relations.

Publicizing your small business: Making a media list and checking it twice

Blogger Mark Auerbach provides great tips and resources on how to assemble a media list that will help you promote your small business through news coverage.

Start spreading the word…writing press releases for your small business

Blogger Mark Auerbach provides important advice and resources on how to write press releases for your small business.

Small business public relations tip: Be the expert

Blogger Mark Auerbach provides tips on how to gain media exposure as an expert in your field, exposure that will support your small business.

Want publicity? First step is to understand today’s media milieu

You have to understand today’s media environment if you want to get publicity for your small business, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum.

Tools for generating media coverage of your small business

Here’s a rundown on tools you can use to generate media coverage for your small business.

Publicity: What makes your small business newsworthy?

Here’s a list of the types of news the media is interesting in hearing about from your small business.

Getting your tech firm in the news

This article discusses common errors high tech companies make when writing about their products/services for the media.

Media relations: 10 tips for handling media interviews

Tips to help small business owners do a great job with media interviews.

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