5 company culture trends for 2022

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By Henry Brown

To succeed in the corporate world, your business needs to build a strong company culture. Developing a positive company culture has plenty of benefits, you’ll improve staff satisfaction, enhance your reputation, and increase your bottom line. These company culture trends will help you to inform your 2022 strategy.

Focus on technology

In 2022, brands are using technology to improve workplace culture. Companies need to offer personalized and user-friendly tech, to provide an enhanced staff experience. With the help of employee engagement software companies can prioritize employee recognition and build a better company culture. There are so many tech solutions that can help businesses to thrive.

Prioritizing employee feedback 

Prioritizing employee feedback is a key company culture trend for 2022. Surveys are a great way to gauge employee satisfaction and make improvements. Unless your employees are satisfied, it’s impossible to build a thriving company culture.

According to Learng2, “43% of surveyed employees claim corporate culture was the main reason for their search for a new job.” A positive company culture ensures satisfied employees and improved staff retention.

Hybrid work models

The COVID-19 pandemic totally transformed the way that companies work. In 2022, hybrid work models are the norm; employees are splitting their time between the office and home.

Businesses have been adjusting to hybrid work models by developing new roles, for example ‘Head Of Remote’, (BerniePortal 2021). Offering hybrid working is a fantastic way to improve company culture. Employees who have the freedom to work from home tend to be happier and more productive. Engaged and happy employees create the best company culture.

Personalized recognition

In 2022, it’s all about personalized recognition. Employees need to feel recognized for the work they do, and generic recognition strategies just won’t cut it. To ensure that employees feel valued, companies need to focus on creative and innovative ways to offer praise. Here are a few tips to help you personalize employee recognition:

– Gather feedback about recognition preferences.

– When celebrating accomplishments, be specific.

– Be creative, think outside the box to deliver unique recognition.

– Use software tools when you need extra ideas.

Focus on employee mental health

Focusing on employee mental health is incredibly important. When you focus on employee mental health you ensure that your staff feel supported and avoid burnout. Offering corporate wellbeing programs is one of the best ways to support employee mental health. Wellbeing software usually offers different modules of focus, for instance, emotional health, financial health and physical health.

When you’re thinking about employee health, it’s a good idea to think about general health and safety too. Conduct health and safety risk assessments regularly and ensure that staff receives the appropriate health and safety training. Individuals who’ve studied CPR learning materials can book a CPR test now, with My CPR Now.

Learning about the latest company culture trends can help you to improve your workplace culture and retain the best talent. Without the right team, your company will struggle to reach its true potential.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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