5 tips for making your businesses pleasant places to be and work

By Lizzie Weakley

Interior design is a necessary idea to consider for making your workplace more enjoyable. It’s also important to practice proper office etiquette. While a business owner doesn’t have total control over their employees, there are many ways they can influence the business through policy and design. Here are five ways to improve the work environment for your employees and coworkers.

Add plants and flowers

House plants are not necessary but bring more color, life and vibrancy into the room. Use plants to enliven the formal atmosphere of your business. Unless you have a secretary around, buy artificial plants that don’t require regular maintenance. If you buy natural plants, consider the amount of effort required to care for the plants, including lighting, watering, feeding and temperature. The right space can absolutely allow for real plants, you just need to plan ahead. Allowing workers to bring in their own plants and decorations can also be a great way to liven up the space.

Install night lighting

Illuminate rooms for employees who work late at night. Install night lights in various styles so they can see what they’re doing and enjoy the scenery, too. Ambient lighting is a popular, decorative style that is dimmed and not too bright, so there are no annoying glares. LED strip lights are easy to install along the walls and last for decades of continuous use. Overall, night lighting can be impressive and decorative in addition to being an important security feature.

Clean daily

Keeping your business pleasant must involve keeping it clean at all times. This includes scheduled regular commercial cleaning services to clean the floors, rooms, furniture and equipment. If you run a large establishment, it’s recommended that you clean these areas every day. Make a set schedule for your workplace to assist your cleaning crew and your employees.

Encourage greetings

Promote a friendly environment where everyone is appreciative of each other. Encourage your staff members to greet each other in the mornings, and require that your front desk clerks greet any customers who walk through the door. Customers prefer businesses where the workers are open and friendly to everyone. Accordingly offer help to customers, but don’t be overbearing. Letting the customers decide how they want to ask for help will calm their nerves and show your businesses dedication to them.

Include furniture

Some interior designers claim that wide, open spaces are visually appealing. But others say that the presence of elegant furniture is more appealing. Visitors are more attracted to lobbies and waiting rooms that are sensitive to their needs for comfort. They prefer seeing plush couches and tables where they can rest while waiting for service.

There are always more ways to become more productive. Create a work environment that they love to look at and be in, even when they’re not working. Make it a place that your clients and visitors enjoy being in, even while they’re sitting in the waiting rooms.

Making a work environment pleasant ensures that your employees and your customers will be happy. Have your business succeed more by investing in the wellbeing of your employees.


Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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