7 reasons your small business needs online document management software

By Albert Cooper

The era of having to waste time with manual or paper-based document processing and filing is over. It is time for you to abandon the large filing cabinets that take up space in your office. Why?

Because online document management software (DMS) has the capacity to manage thousands of documents without you having a single filing cabinet. DMS allows for the digitalization of document management. It also gives every small business the opportunity of being at par with the world’s top companies in terms of digital document management.

Do you want to know why online DMS is useful? Keep reading.

What is online document management software?

Online document management software is a tool developed to allow teams or businesses to store, share and edit documents digitally without having to keep many hardcopy files. Document management software has helped many companies be more productive and effective at a low cost. In the same vein, lawmakers in the US and the UK are pushing for legislation that requires digital storage of files.

There are two types of DMS – application service provider (ASP) and client-server hosted. ASP software, common among growing businesses, is an online solution that is remotely hosted by a service provider. The client-server system is based on the operation of the local computers. The advantage that ASP has over the client-server system is that it adds another layer of security. ASP offers a reliable security measure, protecting the computer data from being breached.

Effective online collaboration

Online document management software makes it easier for more than one person to work on a document at the same time. Apart from this, employees can easily share, send and receive data in a twinkle of an eye. All the employees need is a link to the online workspace. With the link, viewing, editing and approval of files will be fast. Online DMS speeds up the collaboration process to make your employees more productive.

Efficiency and productivity

With this system, employees can send documents within a minute to another worker in another branch. The time saved can then be used to do other things. The fact that all the employees can edit, view and supervise a document at the same time makes it easier to complete their projects as quickly as possible. Also, you can find a report that might take hours to search for in a filing cabinet in just twenty seconds with Online Document Management Software. With this, more work gets done in a day.

Faster and easier access to data

One thing about the old way of storing paper documents is that there is usually difficulty in finding old files. Apart from this, most of the old data might have become old and brittle over time. The files might have also been destroyed or stolen. However, DMS alleviates the fear of losing files to fire, flooding or theft. The inbuilt search function also makes it easier for anyone to find old documents in record time and share them without even leaving their work desk.

Eco-friendly solution

As of 2018, over 3.6 million hectares of virgin tropical forest was lost. The continuous use of paper for documents will lead to more destruction of the forests. With time, desertification and drought will set in and lead to famine. Anyone who is a campaigner of green lifestyle will go for a system like online DMS that does not tamper with the ecosystem.

Frees up space and saves money

Your company can save lots of money if you switch to digital documents. Think about the vast amount of money spent on acquiring printers, filing cabinets, toner/ink, paper, the maintenance of the hardware and fee paid to an employee in care of this hardware. The cost of all this adds up quickly. The bottom line is that you will save a lot of money by reducing your use of paper.

The sight of the printer, storage cabinets and papers taking the bulk of the office space will also be eliminated with the digitalization of document management.

Access to documents on the go

DMS allows employees to access their files wherever they are. It is challenging to move around with a briefcase full of files but with DMS, you can carry millions of files in one hand. Once you have saved all your files in an online Document Management System, you will easily be able to access them anywhere. You will not have to get to your office to work on a file. You will be able to work on it from where you are! Whether you are at a coffee shop or on the road, you can always take your work with you.

Data security

Good online document management software has standard data security built in. The developers understand that hackers and cybercriminals want to access a business’s files. As a result, they offer security measures for the protection of the company’s records. Most of these companies have full-time IT teams that oversee and protect the data from a server crash or breech. There is also a backup for all data saved on the system.

As you can see, online document management software is not only useful to your business but beneficial for the environment. If you decide that you need a DMS, you can find out here about the best DMS for your business.


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