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Why health insurance is more vital than ever for small businesses (Infographc)

Henry Brown discusses why offering health insurance to employees is more important than ever and explains how five types of plans work.

What to do if your small business is audited by the IRS

Sheryl Wright explains what happens when the IRS audits your small business and what you should do to make this process go well.

Smart tech choices for brand new start-ups

Rosana Beechum discusses smart new tech options to make your small business run better.

Getting paid as a freelancer

Henry Brown offers tips on how to make sure you get paid if you’re working as a freelancer.

Starting a small business? How to decide what insurance coverage you’ll need

Emma Sturgis discusses the types of insurance that start-up business owners should consider.

Alternatives to a traditional office

Rosana Beechum suggests three affordable workspace options for small businesses and start-ups.

Renting office space: What you should know

Henry Brown offers advice on how to go about renting office space for your small business.

5 top time-saving measures for your small business

James Daniels suggests ways to save time — and money — in your small business.

How to manage the additional responsibilities of being a solopreneur

Henry Brown suggests ways that solopreneurs can keep up with the many responsibilities of running a one-person business.

Make your office greener this summer

Henry Brown offers ideas on how to make your small business office greener, more sustainable and more affordable.

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