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Ways to connect with your target customer

Steve Conway suggests ways you can connect with target customers to keep drawing them back to your small business.

Digital marketing trends your small business cannot ignore in 2021

Henry Brown points out digital marketing trends that can benefit small businesses.

What form of advertising to use for your new small business

Henry Brown discusses the various types of advertising that a new small business owner might consider.

Mobile marketing ideas to reach new local customers

Jasmine Williams offers ideas on how to use mobile marketing to attract more local customers to your small business.

How to expand your small business’s marketing and outreach efforts

Lizzie Weakley discusses strategies small business owners can use to improve their marketing and customer outreach efforts.

SEO strategies to implement first when launching your business

Emma Sturgis offers advice about how to get your new business off the ground through mastering search engine optimization on your website.

How to use a social media influencer for your small business marketing: An interview with Alex Shebar

In an interview with Alex Shebar, Michelle van Schouwen explores how social media influencer marketing works.

5 business benefits of social commerce

Henry Brown explains how using social commerce can benefit your small business.

How to gain an advantage when competing online

Henry Brown points out five ways to improve the ability of your small business to compete online.

How to manage social media without it taking up all your time (infographic)

Justin Green offers tips on how to use social efficiently to promote your small business.

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