Empower your HR team with workforce management on mobile apps

By Sandeep Agrawal

Most organizations focus on streamlining the processes of client-facing departments such as sales, operations, accounting, and marketing. The business units that manage the internal operations are mostly ignored and Human Resource (HR) is one such departments in many companies.

If you say I have installed a Human Resource Management software for my HR team and employees, then it is not enough. Whether it is available on your intranet or internet, it cannot be an easy reach for your team.

To allow your HR department and employees to manage their HR operations and tasks on the go, HR mobile apps are highly required. Develop a custom mobile app for your HR team to address the challenges they are facing while performing day to day operations.

HR mobile apps address three major paint points for the HR department:

– Manager self service

HR managers have a lot of responsibilities. They need to track employee attendance, manage their leave, payrolls, financial information, and more. With a mobile app, they can manage and track all the details on the go, make real-time decisions, and boost their productivity.

– Employee self service

Let your workforce perform their respective HR activities such as apply for their leave, check the attendance, manage their profile, update contact details, manage roles and responsibility, and other information on the go. It allows employees to focus more on work while they are on the job and manage their HR tasks in free time.

– Communication

The HR department manages various communications across the organization to improve employee engagement, two-way communication, and to share the alerts and news from the organization’s desk.

HR mobile apps transforms processes by:

– Better engagement with employees

The usage of mobile devices is continuously increasing compare to desktop systems. Companies are adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept to boost employee productivity using smartphones.

By considering mobile apps for your enterprise HR operations, you can enable employees with the flexibility to perform their HR-related tasks on the go. The staff will be more interested and engaged as they can easily manage their tasks by staying at a remote location.

– Improved communication with employees

An employee directory feature can allow employees to connect seamlessly. In HR mobile apps, the company can store employee information such as email address, contact number, postal address, and so on.

From the directory, users can access the details of other employees and connect with them seamlessly through mobile phones through and expand their contacts across the organization.

– Increased productivity and convenience

With an HR mobile app, the human resource team does not need to operate a desktop or web-based system. They can manage the tasks on the go such as payroll management, collaboration with the employee, addressing the issues of employees and management, tracking the recruitment process, and scheduled interviews, documentation and more from their smartphone.

Moreover, allowing employees to access other employees’ information, HR mobile apps help them to complete a task with help from colleagues. Thus, it improves the productivity of the HR team and the entire workforce.

On the other hand, employees can manage their profile on their own as HR does not need to perform that activity too. Thus, the mobile app for HR enables the human resource team and workforce with next-level flexibility.

– Payroll processing

From an enterprise HR app, employees can have instant access to their payroll process that brings a lot of transparency and satisfaction for them. Through the app, the HR department keeps employees informed about each minor thing about their leaves, attendance, taxation, and payslips. More importantly, instant access to payslip allows employees to take required actions in time if there is any gap in salary amount.

– Reduced human errors

No one is perfect. People make mistakes, including the HR staff. Especially, when they are counting attendance, leaves, salaries of hundreds of people manually. By mobilizing the HR processes, organizations can avoid such mistakes a to reduce the possibility of human errors.

The app can automate the time entry, employee absenteeism, approval of vacation requests, and much more. HR managers can access all this information even if they are not available in the office.

– Create a better work environment

Enabling the HR department with real-time information about the employees, the HR mobile app helps them to identify the personal and professional issues of the employees that affect the employee’s productivity. And, they can take appropriate steps to resolve them.

They can understand the pain points of the employees, the positive aspects of employees, and their turnoffs. Such employee analysis helps the human resource department to improve the work environment.

– Keep employees updated with important information

Integrate the push notification feature in the HR mobile app to send important notifications to the employees. They can receive the notifications even if they are out of the work premises. Push notifications are a more convenient, efficient and productive way to keep the employee in the loop.

Now you have enough reasons to consider a mobile app for your HR team. Are you planning to build a custom mobile app for your HR team? Consult an experienced Android and iPhone app development services provider who has proven experience in delivering robust HR apps that address all the challenges of your HR department. Build an HR mobile app that helps the human resource team as well as employees to connect across the organizations and boost the work environment and productivity.


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