Good small business reads #28: Finding an angel investor, social media lessons, protecting your customers’ data and more

Last month I wrote a post with resources on how to protect your small business against cyber attacks. This month’s issue of Good Small Business Reads starts with additional advice on this important topic. In “8 Ways to Protect Your Customers’ Information” from the Intuit Small Business Blog, writer Liz Magill provides great advice on how to protect one of your most important assets, customer data.

Next up, also from the Intuit Small Business Blog is an interesting post with four things you need to do interest an angel investor in investing in your small business. Once you have your act together and are ready to seek out such an investor, here’s a site will help you identify an angel investor network in your neck of the woods.

If you’re seeking to grow your small business (and who isn’t?) you should be aware of the pitfalls that can accompany growing too quickly. In “7 Ways Rapid Growth Can Kill Your Business” from American Express’ Open Forum, journalist Carla Young writes about issues that can cause your small business to stumble badly. Make sure you’re ready to take overcome these all-too-common challenges before charting a path of rapid growth.

Finally, in “Four Reasons Why Twitter Should Be Used by All Small Businesses,” the folks at Simply Zesty, an international digital agency, talk about the many advantages Twitter offers, including the ability to be both proactive and reactive when it comes building and protecting your brand.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy reading!

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