How to stage the perfect staff party for your small retail firm

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By Lucy Parks

It is a fact that the last few years have been exceptionally tough on the retail industry. Most retail managers and owners will struggle to forget 2020 and the year that followed. The first truly global pandemic since the Spanish flu outbreak after WW1 impacted around the world. With it came restrictions on the movement of citizens and regional or even national lockdowns that made going to work in retail essentially impossible. It is little surprise that the retail sector felt the worst effects of the pandemic with reduced footfalls into shops and extreme staffing issues to contend with. Thankfully, the worst effects of Covid-19 now seem to be over, and the retail sector has a far healthier outlook for the next few years. With summertime here, retail leaders can look to reward their dedicated staff with a company party. This article explains some key steps that will ensure it is an event that is fun for all staff members.

Plan the transport

Firstly, it is important to consider transportation to and from the venue for you and your staff. A well-planned staff party will consider the fact that many employees will be drinking alcoholic beverages at the event and will therefore not be able to provide their own transport. Demonstrate to your staff that you have planned for this by providing them with taxi transport to and from the party venue. Taxi firms such as premier cabs have suitable fleets of vehicles to transport your whole workforce, thus simplifying this part of the planning stage. Remember to book with your preferred taxi firm at least a week in advance of the party so that they can allocate a suitable number of vehicles for the evening. This will also ensure that no staff are waiting for free vehicles. In short, organizing taxi transport for your staff party will ensure a high turnout and simply the whole planning process.

Consider a themed party

It can be a great idea to give your party a specific theme. This can then provide inspiration for what your staff members will wear on the night and what to expect from the event. Popular themed party ideas include a James-Bond-themed night, where sophisticated evening attire and cocktails are a big part of the event. If your workforce is passionate about music, you may even decide to stage a staff party that focuses on a specific genre of music and where staff can come dressed as their music idols. For more inspiration on holding a themed party, click here.

Think of some fun games

As a final point, it can be a superb idea to include a range of party games for your staff. This is ideal if you have different teams who do not often meet with each other as these games will serve as “ice-breaking” events to get the party started. Ideally, the games will be light-hearted and will allow staff to show their more humorous side whilst not feeling awkward. You may even decide to hire some fun gaming equipment that staff can enjoy at the venue. Speak to some key staff members to get an idea of what they would like at the party or even ask the whole team by using a voting system via email.


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