Make your workplace more employee friendly

Taking time for team building exercises can boost productivity in your small business.

By Hannah Thomas

Founding a company is an adventure on its own, but keeping it running is a whole different story. It requires not only good managing skills but also dedicated employees. A good manager knows how to handle it all perfectly and appropriately, but a great one goes above and beyond to create working conditions that will motivate employees and increase productivity. Healthy relations at work and a positive environment are as important as qualified staff and networking, something becoming quite clear in a recent couple of decades. So, if you want to be one of those great managers, here are tips how to do just that.

Organize enough parking spots

Parking space can be quite a reason for frustration or lack thereof. Imagine that you spend more than 15 minutes every morning looking for a parking spot and usually end up having to park 15 minutes away from your company. That’s half an hour you’ll lose to anxiety. Employees who come upset to work can have a negative effect on their surroundings and fall in productivity. To mitigate this, you can provide a certain number of parking spots and promote carpools. You can also implement a flexible schedule so those who have trouble with finding parking spots or commute from remote areas don’t arrive upset about being late.

Hold weekly meetings with employees

Regular meetings with your employees are not only intended for reports, ideas and statistical data but also they give you the opportunity to get to know your staff better. Also, being honest and transparent with your ideas and company’s goals is the perfect way to form a trustworthy and respectful relationship with your staff. Adding this personal touch will motivate them to do their job better and with more dedication, as well as put the company’s interests as their priority. This will show how much you value your employees and relieve stress and tension in the office.

Create a place where they can relax

Having a recreational area became a quickly accepted trend among the respectable and large companies. Although this idea came from the IT sector, other fields of expertise recognized it as something useful to boost productivity and promote collegiality among employees. Besides the usual, like reading nooks, pool tables and board games, some companies go a little further and provide napping areas where employees can take a power nap or swimming pools where they can relax. Masseurs on staff and yoga coaches are also available for some companies, as are fully equipped gyms and Zen gardens.

Decorate to promote positive environment

The space your employees occupy during the working hours should not only be functional but also positively and tastefully decorated. Although open spaces are very popular, consider designating a meeting area where teams can work in private. If you want to do decorating and renovations right, the best solution is to hire professionals with years of experience like Designplusdrafting, architectural drafting company. Inviting office space will create a positive working environment, while ergonomic desks and chairs will make sure that they’re comfortable while performing their tasks, as well as taking care of their posture and spine.

Promote brainstorming and creativity

The company will never move forward without fresh ideas and new solutions. And there is no evolution in business without giving an opportunity to your employees to brainstorm and be creative. Another important aspect of this kind of practice is to find an acceptable way to reject their suggestions without squashing their enthusiasm and constructive atmosphere. Hearing out their proposals of ideas for products and services might help your company find better and more profitable goals and also achieve success in already acquired activities.

Organize team building activities

Nowadays it’s almost expected to have some sort of team building activities within the company. If you are a small firm, you can still do that without going over your budget by organizing small get together in the local pub with darts and pool tables. Another option includes one-day trips to some resort or going to the movies or theatre collectively. Another nice touch is remembering your employees’ birthdays and throwing them a farewell party when they leave the company or retire. Spending time with your employees away from work and promoting fun activities will not only create a bond between you, but also a sense of loyalty and devotion.


Treating your employees with respect and allowing them to feel part of your company is only a start in building a healthy and productive relationship with them. By promoting positive business values and creativity, as well as constructive discussion and open-mindedness, you will create a solid ground for increased productivity and growth in profit. Upholding to the saying that “A happy employee is a productive employee” you will not only achieve success but surpass your expectations and make way for further triumphs.


Hannah Thomas is an expert in business innovation and management with a love for writing. She is always eager to learn new things and to share the knowledge she acquired along the way.

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