Streamline employee management for a bumper year ahead

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By Henry Brown

Life as a small business owner gets pretty rough sometimes, especially with current events. With everything else you need to take care of, it helps to streamline employee management so you can focus on more vital tasks. From automation to performance review analysis, here are some handy suggestions.

Merge HR with the payroll department

A recent survey by Goldman Sachs found that over 90% of SMBs are struggling with the economy alone. Merging HR with payroll is a faster and better alternative to having to deal with everyday issues. They can communicate better and more efficiently about matters such as tax and EIN. You need an EIN if you have employees. Certain things can affect how long it takes to get an EIN, and merged departments working more efficiently can help improve the process.

Automate certain HR processes

Automation is nothing new, yet many companies don’t embrace it fully. However, most (66%) businesses use some kind of automation in at least one process. But automation is pretty powerful and can streamline most processes, including some for HR. Managing personal data, scheduling rotas, and taking care of some administrative tasks are a few examples. But automation also helps reduce human error and keeps any records completely up to date.

Communicate to streamline employee management

One of the most critical factors in any workplace is communication. So much so that one survey found that 86% of staff members believe poor communication is the leading cause of workplace mishaps. Good communication helps form a solid backbone for workplace efficiency:

-Team and Zoom meetings are great ways to schedule a quick face-to-face meeting.

-Direct messaging provides an instant way to get something across to many people.

-Face-to-face meetings offer a more personal experience with the human element.

Some traditional methods are outdated these days. Emails and memos have had their day, and instant messaging is the better option. Meetings and encouraging questions are also beneficial.

Reconsider performance reviews

Performance reviews are a vital part of keeping employees on their toes. From managers to shop floor workers, everyone needs to pull their weight. Performance reviews are used to regularly check personal data such as timekeeping and productivity. However, a huge 95% of managers surveyed believe some systems are outdated. Most workers, especially Gen-Z and Millennials, are said to work better after constructive criticism and regular feedback.

Consider outsourcing where necessary

Your business can save a lot of time and resources by outsourcing where it is necessary. Suppose you need IT and network management at the office. Hiring a full-time employee for this may be beyond the company budget. Customer service is another example, and 27% of SMBs outsource this. Outsourcing services like this are cost-effective and convenient. This is why over 90% of the world’s biggest companies outsource multiple departments such as these.


Merging the HR and payroll departments can help streamline employee management at your business. Effective communication from top to bottom is always a winner. Outsourcing skilled services such as customer service and IT frees up time, resources, and money.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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