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7 reasons your small biz may need an answering service

Samantha Higgins explains why hiring a telephone answering service can benefit your small business.

5 tools you didn’t realize your small business needs

Regina Thomas suggests five digital tools that can support the success of any small business.

Communicating significant change to employees in your small business

Here are three rules to follow when communicating big change to employees of your small business.

Good small biz reads #12: Marketing and communication mistakes to avoid, advice for home office users, how to think like an innovator and more

Writing July’s compendium of valuable advice for small business owners that I’ve come across online was hard because of the wealth of good articles and videos I’ve found in the past month.

When e-mail has to say it all

While at times it can seem more like a curse than a blessing, e-mail is an essential business communications tool. Lacking the body language, facial expressions, and voice tone that typically help us figure each other out, e-mail, while useful, is not without hazards.

Care for your customers with good writing

Clear written communication is a must for good customer service. Sending customers murky messages will lead to higher volumes of calls to your busy customer service staff. The final outcome: frustrated customers and overloaded front-line workers.

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