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Things you should do before entering self-employment

Henry Brown writes about what you need to put in place to get your self-employment plans off to a great start.

How to launch your small business without quitting your day job

Niraj Ranjan Rout suggests how to get your new business started while keeping your day job.

Prepare your small business for long-term growth

Guest poster Chloe Taylor offers advice on how to build your small business for long-term growth.

Diagnose why your small business is failing before it’s too late

Guest poster Chris Smith writes about some of the key reasons small businesses fail and what you can do to avoid these problems.

Starting a service business? 5 tips to start you off on the right foot

Guest blogger Robert Hall provides five important tips for anyone starting a service business. Don’t skip these steps as you build your business; they are all key to success.

Four tips for putting your business plan to work for your small business

Blogger Karen Utgoff explains how you can turn your business plan into a highly effective management tool to support the growth of your small business.

Survey shows small business owners are bullish on 2013 growth prospects

Optimistic small business owners need to support that optimism with a sound business plan, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum.

Entrepreneurship experts offer 10 tips for starting a new business in 2012

Here are 10 tips on starting a new business in 2012 from entrepreneurship experts at community colleges around the country.

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