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Keeping it together when your home-based business has a growth spurt

Hannah Whittenly writes about the things you need to focus on to cope with a growth spurt of your home-based business.

4 reasons your small business should conduct employee screenings

Guest poster Christine Moore advises on the many benefits of doing background checks when hiring employees for your small business.

Save yourself some grief: My “ten-times-magnified” rule for hiring

Michelle van Schouwen offers up a good rule for how to weed out potential bad hires when conducting interviews for your small business.

Good small business reads #38: Building a strong culture, pros and cons of owning your own business and more

This month’s issue of Good Small Business Reads provides plenty of food for thought on how to build a strong culture for your small business, provides advice on making the most of online reviews, and discusses the pros and cons of owning your own business.

Job descriptions: An important tool for your small business

Job descriptions are an important tool to help small business owners hire and evaluate employees, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum.

Good small business reads #29: How to hire, manage fast growth, and get money out of late-payers

In the July issue of “Good Small Business Reads,” blogger Jeanne Yocum recommends three articles that will help you address common small business issues: late payers, how to hire, and managing rapid growth.

Good small business reads #24: Saving on taxes, hiring wisely, and maintaining your focus

This month’s issue of “Good small business reads” touches on some hot button issues for small business owners.

What makes a “good” employee? It starts with fit.

Blog contributor Laurie Breitner offers tips on how to hire wisely for your small business.

Hiring is easy, until you start to think about people

Laurie Breitner raises some important questions about the hiring process and how to handle various scenarios that arise around hiring choices you make for your small business.

Hiring etiquette: What message does your process send to job candidates?

As hiring picks up, companies, including small businesses, need to make sure their poor hiring etiquette is not damaging their reputations.

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