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Media relations: Learning from the examples of others – both good and bad

Mark Auerbach uses recent examples from his work as an arts reviewer to explain how to be good at media relations.

On the brand wagon: If the media doesn’t get your message, no one else will

Marketing expert Mark Auerbach provides a cautionary tale about how not to launch a new brand into the marketplace.

“The media” and lessons small business can learn from the new administration

Mark Auerbach advises small business owners on how to deal effectively with the media to get your story told. Honesty matters, he writes.

When a publicist and a reporter talk shop: 2016 edition

Mark Auerbach takes Reporter Guy and Publicist Guy out for coffee again and they reveal more secrets to how your small business can succeed with the media.

Small business PR trends: How to stay connected with changing newsrooms

PR maven Mark Auerbach tells you how to build strong relationships in a changing media environment to garner good publicity for your small business.

A publicist and a reporter talk shop: How to work with today’s media

Blogger Mark Auerbach reveals a helpful chat between the publicist side of his personality and the reporter side. Learn what they have to say that will help you work well with the media to publicize your small business.

The big “Oops” – Tips for recovering from a mistake in your small business

Blogger Mark Auerbach offers great advice on how to recover when something goes awry in your small business.

Tools for generating media coverage of your small business

Here’s a rundown on tools you can use to generate media coverage for your small business.

Publicity: What makes your small business newsworthy?

Here’s a list of the types of news the media is interesting in hearing about from your small business.

When trouble hits, know how to deal with the media

Here’s advice on how to deal with the media if a newsworthy crisis hits your small business.

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