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When a publicist and a reporter talk shop: 2016 edition

Mark Auerbach takes Reporter Guy and Publicist Guy out for coffee again and they reveal more secrets to how your small business can succeed with the media.

Start spreading the word…writing press releases for your small business

Blogger Mark Auerbach provides important advice and resources on how to write press releases for your small business.

Tools for generating media coverage of your small business

Here’s a rundown on tools you can use to generate media coverage for your small business.

Good reads issue #8: Why small businesses fail, a controversial view of WalMart, and help with your press releases

Here’s a potpourri of articles of interest to small businesses that I came upon in recent weeks.

Getting your tech firm in the news

This article discusses common errors high tech companies make when writing about their products/services for the media.

Good advice from BusinessWire on effective press releases

So get smart with your press releases. Read the BusinessWire post and put its learnings to work for you.

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