Good advice from BusinessWire on effective press releases

Several years go I started using various techniques that supposedly improve the search engine optimization of the press releases I write for clients. These techniques include adding links, smart use of keywords in headlines and throughout the body of the release, and judicious use of boldface to highlight important words or phrases.

Until now, I was only taking the SEO experts at their word that these techniques actually helped move a press release up on search engine results. Now, I’m happy to share this post from BusinessWire that reports on research they did on 40 press releases that got the most views on their site during the first few months of 2010. And guess what the research shows? Some of the techniques I mentioned above–plus others covered in the research–will likely help your releases get more views on line. So get smart with your press releases. Read the BusinessWire post and put its learnings to work for you.

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