The importance of physical & employee safety at work

Proper signage, in this case reminding workers that safety suits are needed, are part of a strong workplace safety program.

Proper signage, in this case reminding workers of an area where safety suits are needed, are an important part of a strong workplace safety program.

By Adam Voss

As a business owner, it is likely safe to assume you care about your employees and want them to be safe, especially while working at your company. Obviously, their wellbeing is important to you, but have you ever given much thought as to why, or how, you should be fostering an environment of employee physical safety in the workplace?

Of course, it feels like common sense that keeping your employees safe is the ethical and logical thing to do. It should be common sense! But the fact of the matter is, when it comes to making business decisions, safety often gets pushed to the back burner in favor of more economical or productive decisions. This, of course, isn’t because business owners don’t care about their employees. It’s simply them weighing the best way to propel the company forward and, as a result, not thinking the safety factor of the situation all the way through.

However, you have a lot of business-minded reasons to make safety a priority as well. Let’s explore some of the benefits of caring for your employees and showing them that your business values their health and safety.

Reducing injuries reduces business costs

Reducing injuries comes with the benefit of reducing the costs your business incurs. If an employee gets hurt and incurs medical costs, your insurer may raise your rates in the future. Further, you will also be out an employee while they are recovering, causing your company to be short staffed and less productive. In this way, employee and workplace injuries are harmful to both your business’s finances and its efficiency.

Improves the loyalty of your workers

If you are looking out for the safety of your workers, they will notice and take note of the fact that you care about their wellbeing. This is important. Employee retention is crucial, and demonstrating that you care about your team makes them happy and proud to work for an ethical business. As a result, they will be significantly more loyal to you and your business, which is an invaluable characteristic to foster in your staff.

Safety equals quality

It has been shown time and time again that companies that value safety above all else consistently produce higher quality products. If workers are not worried that they might become harmed in the process of serving a client or simply doing their job, then more of their energy will consequently be channeled into doing a good job and producing a worthwhile product. Not only will you notice the difference a safer environment makes in your workers’ performance, but your clients will also take notice of the great work your company does. And that leads to repeat business and incredible word of mouth recommendations!

The verdict

Instilling and cultivating safety within your business is of the utmost importance in your company’s operations. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also significantly improves the performance of your business overall. From reducing your business’s costs and productivity to stimulating loyalty among your workers and producing better products, the outcome of investing into your company’s safety is paramount.

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Start looking for how you can make your workplace a safer environment for your employees, and don’t waste another second needlessly putting your employees at risk while your business’s success suffers as a result. There are a lot of measures you will find that are simple to implement in your workplace routine that will make all the difference in your workers’ peace of mind and performance—so start making safety a priority in the workplace today!


Adam Voss is a digital marketing executive for the UK’s largest ID card company, Digital ID. Working closely with all members of the team, he manages a number of projects that are designed to educate and encourage clientele to continually increase the security of their employees and business.


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