Why skill gaps can’t stay hidden in your small business

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By Henry Brown

Today, we’re looking into a topic close to every entrepreneur’s heart: skill gaps within your enterprise. Because, let’s face it, every business, big or small, occasionally spots a few cracks in the skill set of their team. But it’s the how and why in addressing these gaps that transform a good business into an extraordinary and sustainable one!

Spotting the invisible: Unearthing hidden skill gaps

If your business was a meticulously crafted timepiece, then every cog, no matter how minuscule, impacts the overall ticking. Skills gaps, often inconspicuous yet significantly impactful, might be your unseen cog needing a little oil. Identifying these gaps isn’t about pinpointing weaknesses, oh no! It’s about crafting a well-oiled machine where every piece synergizes seamlessly. The key thing here: Perception. Observing the subtleties in your team’s performance, assessing the smoothness of your operations, and pinpointing where things might be just a tad out of sync. It’s not about deficiencies; it’s about optimization!

The whys and what fors: The imperative of recognizing skill gaps

Acknowledging a skill gap isn’t a critique but a step towards enhancement. If tiny pebbles can divert a river’s path, creating new, potentially fruitful or barren terrains. Similarly, addressing even the minute skills gaps in your team reroutes your business journey towards innovation, efficiency, and yes, a healthier bottom line! Ultimately, addressing skills gaps helps your business succeed in the marketplace.

Recognizing skill gaps will:

-Strengthen your team

Improving existing skills and fostering new ones gives your team tools for triumph! A strong team will ensure a competitive advantage in the market.

-Enhance productivity

A well-rounded skill set = a machine operating at its peak! In a small business, there isn’t space for anyone to be along for the ride. Productivity is vital to thrive.

-Boost morale

There’s nothing like investing in your team to make them feel valued and vibrant. People want to be engaged at work, and investing in their development is a huge part of it.

-Focus resources

Understanding a skills gap can go a long way to helping you focus resources. For example, if your technology function is short of optimal, then a simple search for “outsourced IT services near me” could be the solution to your problem.

Sprouting solutions: Here’s your action plan

Enough about the what and why. Let’s hop into the juicy part – the HOW!

Roll up those sleeves and take stock.

Kick-off with a decent dose of introspection. Assess where your team is shimmering and where they might need a bit more sparkle. Tools like skill matrices or performance reviews can be your best buddies here, helping to map out where the team is soaring and where they might need a gentle nudge upwards.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.


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