Workplace wellness guide to improve productivity (Infographic)

Making healthy snacks available can help employees develop healthier eating habits, which leads to wellness, which leads to increased productivity.

In today’s exceedingly competitive business landscape, employers look for any advantage they can find, and boosting productivity is at the top of their lists. Although businesses can increase productivity by looking for new efficiencies and finding fresh ways to motivate their employees, many overlook one important factor – employee wellness.
Employees who live healthier lifestyles can have a notably better impact on a workplace’s productivity for a number of reasons. For example, research has shown that employees who eat healthy during the workday tend to be 25% more productive than co-workers who snack on junk food. Employees who get regular exercise and eat healthier diets also have a 27% lower instance of absenteeism. The effect employees’ wellness has on a company’s bottom line is clear.

All of this goes to show why many businesses are making the health and wellness of their employees a higher priority than in years past. Programs and initiatives that target improving employees’ overall health and wellness are on the rise, and many businesses have seen significant improvements in their productivity as a result.

A healthier workplace where employees pay attention to their wellness leads to numerous benefits. Employees who take better care of themselves can be more successful at dealing with stress, which leads to higher job satisfaction and better retention. A healthier workplace also means fewer employee sick days, which can improve productivity substantially. Employers who establish strong wellness programs in their workplaces also see clear benefits in the form of lower costs for health care coverage.

Although many companies have addressed workplace wellness by investing in on-site gyms or organizing fitness programs, the fact is that even some simple changes in behavior can make a vast difference and lead to a healthier workplace. For example, employees remembering to get up from their desks to take a brief walk a few times a day can contribute to a healthier workplace. Employers can help create a culture of wellness within their workplaces by focusing on providing healthy snacks for employees. An investment in ergonomic desk chairs also can make a difference by cutting down on health issues such as back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome that can lead to lost hours and increased health care costs. There are many exercises employees can do, even while they are seated at their desks, that can improve their overall health and wellness.

The accompanying workplace wellness guide from Aligned Modern Health lists some of the most compelling reasons employers should concentrate on wellness, as well as some of the most effective tips for achieving a healthier workplace. A business can’t afford to be left behind in any aspect of competition, and that includes having the healthiest and most productive workforce.

Guide created by Aligned Modern Health

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