Articles from August 2020

5 ways to help your small business grow quickly

Samantha Higgins discusses growth strategies for small business owners.

How any business can raise its staff’s workplace satisfaction

Henry Brown discusses how small business owners can improve workplace satisfaction among employees.

Finding it hard to keep customers? Here’s what you need to do

Henry Brown offers tips on how to retain good customers in your small business.

4 essential tips for first-time small business owners

Bernadine Racoma offers advice to people starting small business during the pandemic.

Budget-friendly marketing to reopen your business

Elena Stewart offers cost-effective tips for reopening your business during the pandemic.

5 tips for making payment processing simpler

Regina Thomas explains how to improve the online payment system for your small business to keep customers coming back.

Three ways to improve employee retention

Henry Brown suggests ways to retain employees in your small business.

5 ways entrepreneurs can improve their business phone system

Brooke Chaplan offers ideas on how to make your phone system work better for your small business.

4 first steps you’ll need to take to turn your business idea into a reality

Emma Sturgis offers advice to anyone who wants to start a new business.

Protect your business: How to defend your intellectual property

James Daniels explains how to protect the intellectual property of your small business.

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