5 ways to help your small business grow quickly

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By Samantha Higgins

Studies show that many small businesses don’t experience a profit in the first few years. Depending on the approach and the strategy, it can take a while for a company to experience exponential growth. However, if you’d like to fast-track the process, there are strategies you can implement. In order to grow at a rapid pace, consider the following five tips.

-Develop a strong social media presence

If there’s anything that small business owners can be genuinely grateful for, it’s the invention of social media platforms. While social media can sometimes be a two-edged sword, it can provide a whirlwind of success for small business owners who create excellent strategies.

There are a few keys to remember when you’re dealing with social media. You’ll need to define your target audience and know the platform they use the most. Directly speak to your audience on a consistent basis in a way that’s relatable. Aspirational marketing is no longer relevant for many brands. When consumers are engaging on social media platforms, they like feeling as though they’re experiencing exclusive content. Diversify your content with live broadcasts with Q&A segments, and with informative posts, and behind-the-scenes content. Find ways to redirect followers to the link in the bio section of your profile so they can make their purchases, join the email list or participate in any other call to action you might have.

-Make purchases simple

One of the reasons why Amazon is so successful is because of the iconic one-click-purchase button. That one click is convenient, easy, and immediate. If your consumers have to offer all of the information in the world before they make a purchase, you’ll lose them. If you have a social media presence, make your profile shoppable. This allows followers to click and make the purchases when they scroll through the app.

When you’re using your website to host most of the purchases, make sure you install the right software in order to make purchases simple. For example, you can use a credit card processing software like the one from Velocity Merchant Services, to provide an easy transaction for your customers.

-Invest in offline strategies

Don’t make the mistake of solely focusing on online strategies. Yes, it’s true that people spend a large amount of time on the internet. However, if your social media profile crashed, would that be the end of your business? You don’t want to put your business in that position. This is why it’s wise to maintain offline strategies such as radio promotions, billboards, and local team sponsorships. Use newspaper ads, newsletter promotions, and direct mail strategies in order to develop multiple streams of promotion. While you might have one or two online strategies that are the strongest, maintain at least one or two offline strategies that are equally as strong. Diversification is essential.

-Develop a team

When you’re building a business, one of the most important components is the ability to scale. If you truly want to grow quickly, know that you’ll need to scale quickly. In addition to maintaining the right systems, you’ll need to have the right people in place. It’s virtually impossible to efficiently scale by yourself. From the onset of your business launch, always remain on the lookout for tasks you’ll eventually delegate to others. You can start with virtual assistants. Even if your team members start as part-time employees until the business grows, you must build a team. Prioritize this part of the process.

-Provide excellent customer experiences

Make all of the touchpoints creative, attractive, and seamless. If your customer finds you on social media, this is their first touchpoint. As they’re redirected to the website, that’s their next touchpoint. When they make a purchase, that’s another touchpoint. Once they get their product or service, make sure the experience is seamless and excellent. If they have an inquiry, get back to them as soon as possible. When all of the touchpoints of the customer service experience are amazing, people will remember, become repeat customers and tell their friends to become customers.

Starting a business is no easy feat. The journey of entrepreneurship has its fair shares of ups and downs. However, when you study the process, take note of what works for your business, and remain consistent, you’ll be able to see results quicker than usual. When you solidify these five areas, it’ll be much easier to achieve the success you desire.


Samantha Higgins is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon, with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.

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