Articles from February 2021

How to manage social media without it taking up all your time (infographic)

Justin Green offers tips on how to use social efficiently to promote your small business.

Why you should fully migrate to the cloud by the end of 2021

Eleanor Hecks discusses the benefits of cloud computing for small businesses.

Social media rules to follow when marketing your small business

Henry Brown explains a few basic rules about using social media to market your small business.

Setting your business up for success online (infographic)

Briana Marvell suggests ways small business owners can keep connected with customers online.

Social media faux pas you didn’t know you were making

Henry Brown points to common social media mistakes that small business owners should avoid.

3 tools that can streamline your small business

Henry Brown suggests three tools that can help make a small business run more smoothly.

10 questions to ask when working with an accountant

Michael Deane writes about how a good accountant can advise you as you start your small business.

Three ways to keep your small business safe

Rosana Beechum points to three key areas where small business owners need to put precautions in place to avoid disaster.

3 fantastic ways to advertise your small business

Lizzie Weakley discusses three popular ways to advertise a small business.

What to consider before adding a digital site to your boutique

Henry Brown advises boutique owners on what to consider before adding an online shop.

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