Articles from July 2023

5 benefits of working with a business insurance broker

Lizzie Weakley discusses the benefits of working with an insurance broker to protect your small business.

The power of visual storytelling: Using images to engage and connect

Jonathan Young explains what good visual story telling entails and how it an help market a small business.

5 industries where buying used is the best strategy for starting up

Meghan Belnap points to five industries where start-ups can benefit from buying used equipment.

Why ECM software is essential for businesses in today’s world

Lizzie Weakley explains how ECM software can help your small business run better.

Why business challenges & problems shouldn’t cause you to lose hope

Henry Brown discusses how to take problems that arise in your small business in stride and keep moving forward.

Beyond technology: Non-technical essentials for small business success

Emma Miller points to non-technical ways to assure the success of your small business.

Logos and rebranding: The importance of graphic design

Rachelle Wilber offers advice on why have a great logo and other branding elements is so important and how to assure you find the best graphic designer to set your small business apart.

5 tips for getting started in the restaurant business

Meghan Belanp offers advice to anyone who is considering opening a new restaurant.

Stop wasting these valuable resources in your small business

Henry Brown offers ideas on how to manage the most important resources of your small business.

5 time- and stress-saving tools every new business owner needs

Dixie Somers suggests five tools that start-up owners should have on hand to get their new business off to a great start.

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