3 ways small businesses can contribute to the green economy

By Henry Brown

The green movement emphasizes the three Rs: recycling, reusing, and reducing as the primary waste management campaign. The criticality of environmental management in business is highly encouraged for posterity and prosperity. It would help if you thought about the environment while setting up your business. The government has also set rules on emissions and waste in every industry, promoting a green economy.

Besides the 3 Rs, every entrepreneur needs to include creative ways of maintaining the environment. It creates an excellent opportunity for CSR activities that will benefit society and the environment. Integrating the 3R’s in business will depend on your commitment to the cause. You need to take a keen interest and devise ways to use them for the betterment of the environment and society at large.

The challenges in balancing profitability and environmental-friendliness can sometimes be conflicting; you need to have a strategic plan to steer you to environmental greatness. It does not matter whether you employ complex or simple tactics in this venture; the little steps go a long way in ensuring you meet the standards and achieve the green vision.

Here are some of the ways you can use in your company to promote the green movement:

Understand your production process

When developing your company, it is essential for you to detail each step with the expected resources and wastes. Research and find out different recycling and reusing methods that you can use to alleviate your costs and reduce excessive wastage.

Be sure to involve the experts who will advise you best on how to handle different wastes. You may be shocked at other products that you can get from the scraps. Please do not assume any detail as it may be the difference between a healthy and unhealthy environment.

You need to identify different alternatives like renewable energy that you can use to reduce wastage and pollution within the company significantly. Be open and flexible to new ideas that will help you create a better tomorrow.

Work with relevant partners

Apart from involving experts when founding your company, you need to look for different partners who specialize in various environmental fields and utilize your waste to develop other products. This specialization combines the functionality of the 3Rs and significantly impacts your costs.

It will also increase your income as you get to sell your wastes. For example, GF Commodities utilizes used cooking oils and converts them into new products that can be sold, thus creating more income. It is beneficial, especially for small businesses, to inquire about the different partnerships in the industry.

Set healthy rules and adhere to them

The simplicity of environmental rules should not fool you into believing that it is a straightforward journey. It would help if you were strict and careful to ensure that the rules are adhered to. Relay your expectations and requirements to the employees. Please do not display any signs of compromise, as it will encourage laxity.

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility everyone should always consider. Businesses and corporates are tasked with more significant responsibilities due to their broader impact. As an entrepreneur, you should assume this responsibility and work towards creating a brighter and cleaner environment.


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