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Lifestyle changes to support your home business

Henry Brown recommends key lifestyle changes that will help make your home-based business a success.

Your guide to self-employment success is here!

Thinking of becoming self-employed or struggling to succeed out on your own? I wrote this book for you.

6 tips for using Instagram to help your small business

Marquis Matson offers six ways to do a better job using Instagram to promote your small business brand.

Considering getting an assistant for your solopreneur business?

Henry Brown talks about taking the big step of hiring an assistant for your solopreneur business.

What’s in your pipeline? A process for better revenue prediction and planning

Michelle van Schouwen advises using this lead generation method to better predict fluctuations in cash flow and revenues.

Why customer service always come first

Henry Brown suggests three ways to assure that your customers are always happy.

Cybersecurity: Why good password practices matter to your small business

Password security is vital to protecting your small business from hackers; use these tips to help.

Things you should do before entering self-employment

Henry Brown writes about what you need to put in place to get your self-employment plans off to a great start.

How much will a fantastic business website cost you?

Henry Brown advises you on what goes into the costs of setting up a truly great website for your small business.

7 ways to find the best software for your small business

Henry Brown suggest seven methods to help assure you get the right software for your small business.

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Self-Employment Survival Guide book cover