4 digital threats to your small business (infographic)

By Henry Brown

Many small business owners fail to recognize digital threats to their business because these threats are relatively unknown and involve intricate subjects that are often beyond the knowledge of the average small business owner. However, there are several digital threats that you need to be aware of and to protect your small business from. In this article and the accompanying infographic, we cover four of the most important threats to keep an eye out for.

– Clueless employees
Whether it’s an employee who accidentally opens an email or someone who plugs in an infected USB drive by mistake, it’s important to educate your employees on digital threats so they can proactively avoid them.

– System vulnerabilities
Outdated software and even operating systems can occasionally have exploitable vulnerabilities. Such weaknesses account for a large percentage of intrusions, so make sure you keep all of your software and systems up to date.

– Lack of protection
Without a firewall to keep you safe or anti-virus software to scan your files, you’re going to be at risk. Make sure you speak with a trained security specialist so that you have ample protection from digital threats.

– Unprotected networks

WiFi networks are commonly the target for hacking attempts. Make sure you’ve got a secure network to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your private networks.
Digital threats can easily take down your entire business if you’re not careful. This handy infographic below will go into more detail about cybersecurity and just how important it is to your business.

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