4 tips for new business owners to consider

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By Henry Brown

You should be proud of yourself that you are managing your own business all by yourself. It’s not always easy getting started and taking the plunge of being your own boss. Working for yourself can be challenging but also brings with it a lot of rewards.

You’ll have more flexibility with your schedule and will ultimately be making all final decisions on any given matter. It can be tricky to navigate the waters when you are first getting up and running. Therefore, take some time to review four tips for all new business owners to consider.

1) Take time to establish your company

You first need to get better organized and make sure your business is set up correctly. This will include taking care of matters such as looking into the ein application service and getting your specific FEIN number assigned to you. Now is also a good time to write out a formal business plan you can follow. Make sure you have concrete and realistic goals listed and know what types of resources you’ll require to move forward. Figure out if you are going to work mostly remotely or if you are going to get an office building to work out of as well.

2) Find a mentor

Networking should also be a top priority and concern for you as a new business owner. It’s important that you put yourself out there in public and meet people on a regular basis. As you network, try your best to find and identify a business mentor you can turn to for ideas and insights. You’ll want to have someone who you can rely on for advice when you are feeling lost or uncertain about which direction to turn. This mentor can also advise you on what mistakes they made so you can avoid doing the same at your workplace and in your role.

3) Implement a recruiting strategy

Another important matter you will need to address as a new business owner is hiring staff. You will want people on your team who are committed to helping you reach your goals and who you can lean on for input and new ideas. Therefore, implement a recruiting strategy that lays out what type of candidates you want to hire. You’ll want to make sure they know how to perform the job and also that they are a good fit for the company culture you’re trying to build. Write detailed job descriptions and hold interviews for potential candidates.

4) Try to have better work-life balance

You’re going to be very busy as a new business owner. However, you can’t let your health and well-being slip through the cracks. You need to have plenty of natural energy to be able to get up and do your job each day. Make it a point to not overdo it and overwork yourself or you risk experiencing burnout. Instead, aim to have a better work-life balance and commit to sticking to a reasonable work schedule. Also, take breaks away from your job every so often so you can regroup and recharge.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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