4 ways to improve your business’s physical space

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By Lizzie Weakley

As employees return to work onsite at the companies they work for, it is important for management to provide a safe, efficient, and attractive workspace to optimize productivity and well being. The right workplace can make an incredible difference in the productivity of your company. Take a look around your company space to see if it can benefit from improving the following areas.


Your facility’s roof should be completely intact without loose or missing shingles. There should be no leaks or deteriorating areas near the boot or the chimney, for example. The chimney itself should be solid on the outside if you are not using it, but it also needs to have a secure liner if the chimney is being used. Check to see if the chimney cap is still in good condition. Gutters and downspouts should also be working effectively to prevent water from trickling into the roof or behind the walls. Consult a commercial roofing company, such as Commercial Solutions, Inc., for a professional inspection.


The workspace lighting needs to be adequate for safe job performance. Lighting that is too dim or limited means that employees might not be able to see clearly for their work. Ultrabright lighting could be causing glare that is also problematic. Using the best lighting for each area of the facility. For example, track lighting works well in design areas while suspension lighting helps with piece work. Adjust the light fixtures or bulbs to meet the needs of each area, especially where safety is an issue, such as machinery operation areas and building entrances. While glare can be a problem with natural light, they can give a break section a warmth and welcome respite from the darker space of the office.


Your company’s electric system should be up to date and within specified codes for the building. Don’t try to use a 110 line for equipment that requires higher voltage like a 220 line. Make sure the panel box is up to date, and the wiring is secure without fraying. Keep cords out of the way to prevent tripping or falling accidents. Check to see that the wiring is grounded, and install new outlets if needed. Contact an electrician if you have any questions or concerns about your office’s set up.


Even if your business does not use water for operations, your water lines to the break room sink or restrooms need to be leak-free. Repair any leaks around the faucets or plumbing joints. Keep the drains clean of toxic spills, and systematically clear any clogs to prevent backups. Have a system for employees to report problems, as someone cooking or using the bathroom will be the first to find something wrong with the plumbing.

Keeping your facility up to date and in good condition will provide the support your employees need to do their best work. Inspect your building every six to twelve months for potential problems, and don’t let even minor issues go. A small problem today could become a catastrophe tomorrow!


Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.


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