5 reasons your small business should switch to the cloud

By John Porter

Cloud computing is more than just the latest technological buzzword circulating in the business environments today. It is a practical, fully-functional computing solution that can dramatically improve professional operations in smaller and larger office environments alike.

For small businesses, it can improve how you store and share files and other resources with others in your company, and it can even help you to level the playing field if you are competing against larger companies in your marketplace.

Through a network of remote servers, all aspects of your computer experience can be saved to the cloud and accessed by you or other permitted users from any location where you have an Internet connection. Here is a closer look at five of the many benefits associated with migrating your business to the cloud.

Reduced costs

The alternative to using the cloud for your technological needs is to invest in in-house or off-site storage in a physical location. This requires you to pay for rack space, power usage, new technology, maintenance and more. Cloud computing is a more affordable alternative that can save your small business a tremendous amount of money because it places your data and other resources in a virtual environment.

All of the practical needs for physical storage and connectivity are eliminated. This means that you will have lower installation and maintenance costs. Your support, hardware and upgrading costs are also dramatically reduced. If you are looking for a way to reduce overhead, using cloud-based technology is a great idea.


A major downside associated with using an on-site server relates to scalability. Many servers crash during peak usage periods, but this is not the case when you use cloud-based computing. You can easily scale up or down based on your unique needs at the time with speed.

For example, an e-commerce site may have more significant demands on Black Friday. Cloud computing makes concerns about crashes a thing of the past. In the event you overestimate your technological needs, you can just as easily scale down your consumption to save money.

You may have growing or fluctuating technological needs, and you may be looking for the most cost-effective way to address those unique needs. The scalability associated with cloud-based technology can help you to improve your operations in this area.

Competitive advantage

It can be challenging for a small business to compete head to head with larger companies with deeper pockets. After all, huge corporations may have millions of extra dollars each year to spend on things like technology upgrades, marketing and more. Many small businesses struggle and even eventually fail because they simply cannot compete directly with huge companies.

But since cloud computing can save you a tremendous amount of money, you may now be able to compete more easily in the marketplace. For example, you may be able to consult with leading industry experts or financial geniuses to learn more about growth strategies, to improve your marketing efforts and more. If you are not aware of the great advantage you may get by using could-based computing options, now may be the right time to explore this option in greater detail.

Work from anywhere

With the traditional technology method, you and your team are tethered to your corporate office. This can be impractical and inefficient. There are exceptional benefits associated with working remotely, and only being able to access files from your primary office location prevents you and your team from enjoying the full benefits of a remote work experience.

With a cloud-based storage solution such as Microsoft’s OneDrive, you can access files from home, while traveling on business and more. As long as you have an Internet connection and a mobile device, you can download, save and share files and other resources whenever you need them. The ability to complete these incredible functions anytime and from any location can dramatically improve your operations and can help you to better serve your clients and customers.

Fewer security risks

You may think that cloud-based technology would create a security risk for your small business, but your data will actually be more protected in the cloud. The cloud offers enhanced security features, and it is backed up to an off-site location for added protection.

More than that, they are protected from damage or loss related to human error, a power outage, a natural disaster and other unfortunate events. Even issues related to viruses and malware are a thing of the past because of improved security in the cloud. Cloud-based technology also uses advanced encryption methods and is compliant with HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory standards. If data security is a concern, upgrading to a cloud-based experience is a great idea.

Wrapping it up

Making technological changes can seem stressful and intimidating for a small business owner. This is particularly true if you do not fully understand how cloud-based technology works. However, your effort in these areas may be necessary for you to take your business to the next level. Cloud-based technology is a popular and truly beneficial advancement that your small business can benefit from tremendously in each of these important ways. Now that you know more about what cloud-based computing offers, you can more confidently begin implementing its use in your small business environment. Take time to explore the rollover process so that you can begin benefitting from cloud technology soon.


John Porter is a freelance writer based in Southampton, England. He enjoys writing about business and technology and is particularly interested in all types of productivity apps. Find him on Twitter @johnpourter.


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  1. Kevin Lane says:

    Finally an article that is written clearly and simply about the cloud. This was just the post I needed to read for my business. I have been considering the cloud for business and now, will be moving forward with it. very exciting!
    Thank you very much for this!!

    kevin Lane

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