5 reasons your small business should use solar energy

By Lizzie Weakley

Investing in solar energy means investing in green technologies that are proven to work. Solar panels are easy to install on the top of a commercial building and can easily replace traditional electricity. There are five reasons to benefit from using solar energy for your business.

Reduce or eliminate energy bills

Solar energy produces electricity from the sun’s heat rays instead of nonrenewable resources. On sunless days, the stored energy is returned to the grid, so your business always has power. Over a number of months, the building uses little to no electricity and produces a low- or zero-cost energy bill.

Maintain longevity

Solar energy is guaranteed for longevity. Solar panels that are used daily last an average of 25 years. Most panels work similarly to roofs and do not have to be repaired or maintained until several decades later. This longevity allows you to continue operating your business for as long as necessary and afford its basic expenses. Storing solar energy, with an installation by professionals like Rayburn1 Roofing, Solar & Windows, ensures that the business operates in all weather conditions and throughout the year.

Tax incentives

Government incentives allow homeowners to install solar panels at low, affordable startup costs. Participating in solar energy may qualify you for federal investment tax credits. You must use commercial solar photovoltaics that are installed correctly and used regularly. Obtain this credit after filing federal income tax returns.

Increase business savings

Reducing the costs of electric bills allows the business owner to cover other expenses. If you save an average of $100 per month on electricity that translates to hundreds of dollars in savings each year. Invest these savings into other areas of your business from marketing to security.

Increase energy investments

Buying solar panels is the first step toward investing in a comprehensive energy efficiency plan. A strategic business owner is more likely to invest in new and future technologies that are designed to conserve the environment, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and reduce air or water pollution.

Rooftop solar panels are impossible to ignore in most residential neighborhoods. The panels are affordable, easy to install and highly effective in saving electricity. The government offers tax credits and other incentives to encourage more participation from individuals and businesses. Business owners can worry less about the costs of their electric bills with solar. Your business will receive more benefits than disadvantages when using solar energy.


Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.


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