5 software programs that bring client and company closer

By Anita Ginsburg

A practical, marketable and viable conversational interface technology platform or conversational AI began with the home industry via the Siri app of Apple iPhones in 2011 and later on with Amazon’s Alexa in 2014. Similarly, conversational AI for businesses has continued to evolve as an interface between humans and computers using natural languages. Specifically, in 2019, there are at least five software conversational AIs that brings clients and firms closer.

Who makes advanced conversational AI software?

As a third generation conversational AI, Avaamo represents one of the most advanced and latest in conversational AI technology platform. Avaamo is comprised of an amalgamation of many Natural Language Understanding technologies (NLUs) such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, multi-faceted and machine learning. Additionally, Avaamo is also composed of neural networks, natural language understanding, data categorization, NLU services, semantic search and several other proprietary NLU technologies. With Avaamo, your enterprise can achieve true NLU capabilities.

Another advanced conversational AI provider for Fortune 500 companies with millions of multilingual conversations is Haptik. With Haptik your enterprise can provide customized conversation to your clients according to your specific industry. For instance, Haptik services include the e-commerce and retail, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment and financial services industries.

Haptik also has apps for individual consumers to provide conversational AIs for each persons’ enhanced productivity. Another industry leader in conversational AI platforms is IBM’s Watson.

Improving international customer service with conversational AI

IBM’s Watson is one the most sophisticated conversational AI platforms. It lets you build natural language into any application, device or channel. Additionally, Watson can also be deployed in the cloud or onsite and knows when to search for an answer from a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity or when to direct users to live customer service. Watson’s product highlights are user assistant builds, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), system or channel connections, and conversational data ownership.

Conversational AI platform for the smaller business

For a lower priced conversational AI platform for smaller businesses you could use LivePerson. The LivePerson conversational AI platform works with all of the most popular messaging channels including SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, WeChat, Line, and Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers. Additionally, LivePerson also includes a suite of proprietary customizable software such as Conversation Builder, which builds automated conversations. They also use Maven, which uses natural language understanding to route conversations to bots or human agents.

Developer-oriented conversational AI platforms

Tenaco is another advanced conversational AI platform that also uses back-end data and third party databases to create optimal personalization. For developers, you can build and manage advanced conversational AI solutions from contextual analysis of chat logs. As a result, you can deliver actionable insights to the business.

Conversational AI is for small businesses

From millions of conversations to thousands or even hundreds the BotPenguin conversational AI has several similar features including speech recognition, API integration, multi-lingual support and virtual assistant.

The marketplace for conversational AI platforms has grown and ranges from small businesses to multinational enterprises in most industries. These platforms help clients and companies grow closer through personalized conversations and interactive analysis.


Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University, and now writes articles about health, business, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing.

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