5 ways to get rid of stress in your home office space

By Henry Brown

Working from home is often seen as the ultimate “win” when it comes to keeping your business afloat while having more flexibility and keeping everyone safe. But that isn’t always the case – at least, not for everyone. In fact, in June 2020, a survey found that over 51% of individuals who worked at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic found it more stressful than their traditional office job.

When you’re stressed at work, especially if you’re working from home, it can have a negative impact on everything from the way you’re able to connect with your employees to managing the “behind the scenes” aspects of your small business.

Too much stress can also lead to other mental health conditions, like anxiety or depression. When you’re trying to run a business, that can be detrimental to your success, and your overall well-being.

While it’s important to practice stress-relieving techniques everyday, you can start to alleviate the stress of the workday by looking at your home office space. We’ve talked before about how to customize your office space. But, if you’re prone to stress and working from home is hard on you, you might need to go beyond just customization.

Instead, focus on making your office as stress-free as possible. Not sure what that looks like? Let’s go over five tips you can use to alleviate stress in your home office, so you can be more productive at work, and end the day without feeling fatigued.

Add personal touches

One of the best things you can do to make your office space more comfortable is add personal touches. You might think that because you’re working from home, your office space should look as professional as possible.

But, that doesn’t mean it needs to look cold. It also shouldn’t be completely devoid of personality.

Don’t be afraid to add pictures of your family and friends on your desk, hang artwork that inspires you, and decorations that spark creativity. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed at your desk, you can take a look at the things surrounding you, and you’re bound to breathe a sigh of relief.

Get some greenery

There are so many benefits to having plants inside your office space. Studies have found that they can reduce tension, anxiety, confusion, anger, and fatigue. Plants can also improve the air quality of your office space, and they bring something fresh and lively to any room.

You don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb in order to make a houseplant work in your office. Some plants require very little care, including the snake plant, pothos, and the Chinese money plant.

Get moving

It can be tempting to stay in your office or sit at your desk all day. But, you should be making every effort to never let that happen. When you’re working from home, you might feel a little extra pressure to get things done so your employer knows you’re still working hard. But, one of the perks of working from home is a bit more flexibility.

If you were still working in a traditional office space, you would undoubtedly get breaks throughout the day. Don’t deny yourself the same privileges at home! Your breaks should include more than just watching YouTube or refilling your coffee. One of the best things you can do is get up and move around. Do some stretches, or take a longer break and go for a walk around the block.

Getting some exercise (especially outside) can boost your mood and give you energy, so it’s the perfect solution for the afternoon slump, and can really help to lower your stress levels.

Use color psychology

Colors can have a big impact on the way you feel, especially at work. Different colors can trigger different emotions. Some can leave you feeling happy and energetic, like yellow. Others can help you to feel serene and peaceful, like blue.

Don’t be afraid to do your research on color psychology. It’s becoming a more popular practice across the globe. The good news? You don’t necessarily have to be a painter to take advantage of it. While painting a room is one of the best ways to transform its energy, there are other things you can do, too. For example, if you have furniture in your office, consider adding accent throws or pillows in the color(s) of your choice. Or, hang artwork in the colors that inspire you most.

Having the right furniture in your office can also make a big difference. For example, something from the Lorell Essential Series will be neutral enough to work with almost any other color. Let yourself get creative with your colors. Remember, this space is yours, not someone else’s.

Make time for life to get in the way

One of the things you should be doing when you work from home is letting your family or roommates know that certain hours of the day need to be “off limits”. You may be at home, but you’re still working.

And yet, interruptions still happen. Your child may not understand why they need to leave you alone. Your spouse may have a question. While these small moments don’t make a big difference in terms of distraction, they can derail your thought process enough to set you back in your work.

So, expect distractions and interruptions throughout the day. You could use them as a sign that it’s time to take a break. Working at home gives you a unique opportunity in that you’re able to be around the people you care about. While they need to know how to respect your work and your space, if you need to take care of something within your home right away, you have the ability to do so.

When you factor life itself into the equation, you’ll be less stressed. You’ll be fully prepared to handle any interruptions without panicking in any way. Unfortunately, stress has become a “normal” part of the workplace, both at home and in a traditional office. But, if it’s affecting your work or you simply don’t want to feel that way anymore, consider some of these solutions for getting rid of stress in your home office.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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