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To make meetings more productive, try thinking “return on effort”

Blogger Karen Utgoff presents tips on techniques that will help assure your internal meetings produce results.

Thinking about a mentor for your small business or new venture? Ideas on how be a good mentee

Blogger Karen Utgoff provides important pointers on how to be a good mentee and extract maximum value from having a mentor for your small business.

Little things that can improve the customer experience in your small business

Blogger Karen Utgoff offers advice on small low cost/no cost actions you can take to improve the customer experience in your small business.

How to make your presentations great…and why it matters

Blogger Karen Utgoff rounds up some great resources to help us all do a better job with our presentations. Lots to think about the next time you’re getting ready to present.

Look for the right mentor for your small business mentor or new venture

Blogger Karen Utoff writes about what six characteristics that are required in a good mentor for a small business or new venture.

Thinking about a mentor for your new venture or small business? Here are a few ideas

Blogger Karen Utgoff poses five questions you should answer before choosing a mentor for your small business.

Six things small business owners can do to prepare to take advantage of college and university resources

Blogger Karen Utgoff gives advice on how to prepare yourself to tap into the many resources available to small business owners on college and university campuses.

Colleges and universities as resources for small business

Blogger Karen Utgoff writes about the many resources small business owners can tap into on the campuses of public high education institutions.

Four steps to help small business owners evaluate the financial wisdom of new business-building initiatives

Blogger Karen Utgoff recommends four steps small business owners should take to make good financial projections for new business-growing initiatives.

Small Business Success Q&A #19: Martinelli Discenza Investment Counsel

In Small Business Success Q&A #19, Gary Martinelli shares the key to the success of his investment counseling firm.

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