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Creating your Act 2 company: Build the business you want to run next

Michelle van Schouwen writes about developing her Act II company and poses the questions you should ask if you, too, are thinking of a new venture.

Beware the long-term lease or contract

Michelle van Schouwen offers hard-earned good advice about negotiating rental and leasing agreements for your small business.

Observe and empathize to know your clients

Michelle van Schouwen discusses how knowing what makes your clients tick supports the success of your small business.

Keeping your small business healthy when other parts of life intrude

Business owner Michelle van Schouwen offers advice how to make sure your small business operates efficiently when you have to deal with disruptive life events.

Finding balance between efficiency and exploration

Small business owner Michelle van Schouwen talks about the benefits of taking time to explore new ideas, new paths and new relationships as you operate your small business.

Five questions customers ask marketing agencies now

Michelle van Schouwen answers the big questions her marketing firm’s customers are asking about how to launch new products and grow their business in 2017.

Practice reputation management – don’t be the next business casualty

Michelle van Schouwen advises on how small businesses can avoid bad headlines like the ones United Airlines faced this week.

Updating time management strategies for a new age and a new workforce

Small business owner Michelle van Schouwen recommends time management strategies for today’s harried work environment.

Avoid business expense creep during good economic times

Small business owner Michelle van Schouwen gives tips on how to insure that expenses don’t get out of control when business is good.

If making great profits was easy, every small business would be doing it

Small business blogger Michelle van Schouwen suggests 5 ways to grow your top line and increase profits.

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