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Tech and cyber scams impacting small business: You may be surprised

Michelle van Schouwen reports on common cyber scams affecting small businesses and offers tips on how to respond if your business is hit with a cyber crime.

2023 new business idea #2: Open a specialty fitness company

Michelle van Schouwen writes about the growing opportunities to start a small business in the fitness field.

2023 new business idea #1: Start a food truck

Michelle van Schouwen offers tips on how to start a food truck business in 2023.

How Gen Z will lead the way in doing business and conducting life

Michelle van Schouwen discusses how Gen Z will change how businesses work as well as many other aspects of life in the future.

After Hurricane Ian – what happens to small businesses hit by disasters?

Michelle van Schouwen offers advice on how small businesses can prepare for weather disasters like hurricanes and decision making after such events.

Seven benefits to giving employees paid time off to vote or volunteer on Election Day

Michelle van Schouwen advises small business owners to consider the benefits of giving employees paid time off to vote or volunteer on Election Day.

Payment methods: Options every small business owner needs to evaluate

Michelle van Schouwen explores the increasing options small business owners have for getting paid.

The people and groups every small business owner should know

Michelle van Schouwen writes about the people and groups that can help a small business owner succeed.

How small businesses can support reproductive rights in a post-Roe world

Michelle van Schouwen offers ideas on how small business owners can support the reproductive rights of employees.

Don’t be that boss

Michelle van Schouwen points out behaviors that a small business boss should avoid if he/she hopes to keep good employees.

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