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New tweaks to improve your own performance and job satisfaction

Michelle van Schouwen offers small business owners ideas on how to decrease on-the-job stress and increase their satisfaction.

When the customer is wrong

Michelle van Schouwen offers advice on how to handle bad customer behavior, which has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Should your company take a stand? Conventional wisdom vs. reality in 2021

Michelle van Schouwen discusses whether it’s advisable for small business owners to take a stand on social and political issues and how to do so smartly.

Professional interview red flags and green lights for 2021: An employers’ guide

Michelle van Schouwen advises small business owners on what to look for when interviewing job candidates as they staff up again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why small business owners benefit from paying better wages

Michelle van Schouwen explains why it’s smart business to pay your small business employees better wages.

Get the cash flowing in your small business

Michelle van Schouwen offers advise on how to ensure a steady cash flow for your small business.

11 years in the life of a small business

Michelle van Schouwen shares the story of how her business evolved over the 11 years of the Succeeding in Small Business blog.

Mini-survey: Small business challenges and opportunities, right now

Michelle van Schouwen talks with small business owners about the challenges and opportunities they foresee for operating in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

How to use a social media influencer for your small business marketing: An interview with Alex Shebar

In an interview with Alex Shebar, Michelle van Schouwen explores how social media influencer marketing works.

Customer check-in is critical right now

Michelle van Schouwen offers advice on how to reach out to customers now to maintain strong relationships during the pandemic.

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