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Revamping business offerings for an unprecedented market

Michelle van Schouwen suggests questions small business owners need to consider as the pandemic causes lasting market changes.

Bias/sensitivity work for tumultuous times

Michelle van Schouwen suggests ways small business owners can work to create a bias-free workplace for employees and for customers.

While you were away: Managing employees amidst COVID-19 turbulence

Michelle van Schouwen offers ideas on how to help employees return to work as businesses reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charting your journey to a new small business normal

Michelle van Schouwen offers ideas on how your small business can adjust to the new normal brought on by the pandemic.

Small business owners are getting creative to survive this COVID-19 economy

Michelle van Schouwen offers ideas for how to help your small business survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Finding your business path forward during COVID-19

Michelle van Schouwen offers advice to small business owners on how to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Best inadvertent retirement planning advice I ever received

Michelle van Schouwen offers advice on how to plan for retirement if you own a small business.

COVID-19 coronavirus survival tips for small businesses

Michelle van Schouwen offers a wealth of ideas and resources to help your small business get through the coronavirus outbreak.

Shadow, Inc. and the Iowa caucus app: Case study in how NOT to launch a product

Michelle van Schouwen offers up new product launch lessons to be learned by the Shadow, Inc., Iowa caucus app debacle.

Leverage boom times the smart way – a guide for the small business owner

Michelle Van Schouwen offers sage advice on using your small business income to prepare for the next economic downturn.

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