How to attract top talent to your small business

By Emma Williams

Regardless of the size of a business, its employees are the most important part when it comes to it running smoothly. However, this is especially true for small businesses seeing as how they don’t have many employees. Getting top talent to work for you is essential if you want to grow your business in the future, so here are some tips on how you can attract quality workers to your small company.

Be clear in the job description

To get potential employees to notice you, you need to write an intriguing description of the position you’re looking to fill. Make sure you are clear about the tasks that are expected of workers and inform them about the skills and education they should possess. Furthermore, having in mind that this is the first impression you’ll make on them, you should make it inviting and incorporate your company culture in the language of the job ad.

Hold several interviews

In order to see which people are really serious about getting the job, conducting several interviews is a good approach. This way, you will also see who meets your requirements and fits your company culture. Furthermore, you can create the impression of high competition for this position by having multiple interviews.

Offer a good salary

The best way to attract top talent is most certainly offering to pay them well. This is why you have to do some proper research when it comes to the salary of certain job roles. See what other companies are paying, both locally and nationally, and do your best to match it. Chances are that no one will accept your lower salary if they can earn more for the same amount of work at another company. Plus, you can include a signing bonus that will entice them to join your business.

Provide great benefits

In addition to compensation, you should be able to provide your workers with various perks. For instance, while a 401(k) and health benefits are expected, you can sweeten the pot with other things. Consider childcare services or allowing them to bring their pets to work. You can offer them a gym membership or even add a gym to the office. Organize collective retreats or create a sports team – options abound.

Be flexible when it comes to work-life balance

Many workers are looking for a flexible schedule in order to be able to balance their personal and work life. If your field of work allows it, you can let them work from home several days a week or have shorter office hours. In case they finish all their assignments ahead of time, let them go home early. The previously mentioned childcare can play a big role here as well.

Create an inspirational office

The type of office you have also helps the flexibility of your workers, as well as their productivity. Some prefer open floor spaces while others thrive in their own cubicles. So, make sure you cover all options to attract talent. Furthermore, invest in a break room that will allow them to re-energize. For instance, equip the room with a comfy sofa or massage chairs such as those offered by companies like Relax For Life. Moreover, give them some healthy snack options and don’t forget a coffee machine.

Support career growth

The possibility of growth and career advancement is something a lot of people look for when choosing a job. That is why you need to show your potential employees all the ways how they can move upwards. Will you be investing in their education? Are they going to gain new skills? Is the salary going to increase after a certain period? To convince them, present them with all the possibilities the future holds, not just for their career but for your business as well.

Ask your workers to leave you a review

In addition to having a well-written job ad, you can also rely on your current workers to help you grow your reputation. Word-of-mouth recommendation is sometimes the best way to raise awareness about a job opening, as maybe your employees have some college friends who are interested in working for you. Also, they can leave online reviews on Glassdoor and explain what they like about your company.

Expand your network of contacts

To find and attract top talent, it can also be helpful to know some influential people in your industry. They could recommend someone who will be a perfect match for your business. To grow these connections, regularly visit trade shows and various seminars.

Use social media

Of course, you cannot forget about advertising on social media when it comes to finding employees. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter offer a unique opportunity to reach a lot of people and spread the word about your company. Plus, you can also check out profiles of potential workers to see whether they would be a good match for you.


Relying on these ten tips is sure to attract top talent to your small business. Once you find someone who fits your company culture and is a great asset, you should do everything in your power to retain them as they will be crucial for the expansion of your company.


Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river. Follow her on Twitter at:

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