How to improve the efficiency of your business operations

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By Regina Thomas

No matter your business size or your industry, these following tips can help you improve efficiency with your company’s day to day operations. You will notice both immediate and long-term benefits upon putting this advice into action.

1) Address any information technology (IT) issues

You need a strong IT network. This is equally important for your employees and your current and prospective customers. If you, your colleagues, and members of the public have already run into IT interruptions relating to your business, you know how this can negatively impact your operations. Your productivity and your profits can go down. For those of you with remote or traveling employees, you can have even larger issues on your hands.

To ensure you have a strong IT framework without unnecessary interruptions, you might want to hire outside consultants. Even if you have an in-house tech department, you can benefit from outside advice regarding your IT services. In addition to making sure you have no interruptions that impact efficiency, you also can better prevent cyber threats and internal data breaches.

2) Use billing specialists

Have you considered how certain experts can help you with your efforts to collect money owed to your business? How many times has your staff’s efficiency been less than perfect due to time being spent on the phone trying to get people to pay you money owed? Leave that bill collecting to someone outside of your company. Your business operations can greatly improve.

Should you need help with this service in basically any field, including medical billing, there are pros out there who can help you. For example, a quick search such as, “medical billing, Massachusetts” can help you locate the right people for your business. Make sure you only work with dependable experts who have a proven track record of success.

3) Regularly coach your team

Don’t ever undervalue how important coaching is for your entire team. Make sure your staff is always alerted about new products, services, policies, and technologies. Failure to do this on your end could jeopardize the success of your company.

Ask all of your leads and supervisors to schedule plenty of one-on-one and team coaching sessions. Make them take this need seriously, too. Preventable errors can be mitigated for your staff. Customer service standards also can go up for you. Take time now to work regular coaching opportunities into the calendars of your team members.

4) Seek feedback from your customers

Make sure you actively seek feedback from your supporters. Send out surveys via email and your social media accounts. Schedule phone calls, too, and facilitate plenty of friendly conversations with your most loyal customers.

Know that those who do the most business with you can provide you with valuable insight as to what might need to improve at your company. You might uncover various reasons as to why efficiency is not where it needs to be for your team. Their feedback might reveal more for you than what you’re determining via conversations with your staff.

5) Consider an open office concept

You might benefit from joining desks together, limiting private offices, and removing walls in your workplace. An open office layout could indeed improve the efficiency of your business’s operations.

Before you start remodeling your office, though, you must rule out any structural issues from developing as a result of your renovations. Your building has a unique framework, and you must know for certain that changes to your layout won’t impact things like your wiring. Rule out safety issues by only working with someone who is trained at workplace remodels where open concepts are desired.

Don’t forget these tips

As you seek opportunities to improve the efficiency of your business operations, these suggestions should help. Keep this helpful list handy, too, and be certain you don’t forget these tips. You should every now and then refer back to this essential business operations efficiency guide to know you’re covering your basics.


Regina Thomas is a Southern California native who spends her time as a freelance writer and loves cooking at home when she can find the time. Regina loves reading, music, hanging with her friends and family along with her Golden Retriever, Sadie. She loves adventure and living every day to the fullest.

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