How to thank your employees this Easter

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By Steph King

When it comes to rewarding employees for their hard work, it’s important to remember even the smallest gesture can go a long way. As a small business, you may not have a huge budget for showing your staff how much you appreciate them, but there are still plenty of things you can do. Working from home is set to continue in three-quarters of businesses even after the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s important to keep morale high after a tough year.

Want to treat your staff this Easter without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas of what you could do.

Easter eggs

This time of the year has become synonymous with chocolate, so why not send your remote employees Easter eggs by post?

Few foods have the same universal appeal as chocolate. Even if a particular staff member does not have a sweet tooth, they are bound to have a family member that does!

A chocolate egg is a cheap and simple gift that is bound to be welcomed with open arms (and mouths).

Plan a social video call

People have been using video conferencing software more than ever over the past year due to lockdown restrictions, so much so that shares in Zoom have almost tripled in price in the past 12 months.

If your employees have been working hard, set aside an hour at the end of a day and have a virtual happy hour where they can have the drink of their choice.

Alternatively, plan a quiz or a game that everyone can participate in and take a load off. You could even offer a prize for the winner.

Gift cards

Make sure every employee gets something they want by giving them a gift card.

Every staff member will get the same amount to spend at a particular place, like a supermarket, takeaway service, or online store.

Alternatively, you could choose a gift card that can be used with multiple different companies, giving your employees more options on how they use their reward.

Branded goodies

Free gear with company branding is always welcome – as long as it’s useful!

Branded stationery, water bottles, and apparel will more than likely always go down well. It also has the added benefit of advertising your brand when used outside the office.

Cooking challenge

Such an amazing idea! Involving all of your employees in a holiday challenge going viral would be fun for all. Find some recipe that everyone can cook, get all the ingredients in a box, and send them to their homes few days before Easter day comes.

As the whole Easter atmosphere is all about food, definitely a sweet one can make this challenge and whole work celebration even sweeter – a cake that has the prettiest decoration will win.

For more enjoyment include more prizes, it would be more interesting if they post the whole process of making the cake. Ask them to post it on social media, and the one that gets more engagement – gets a prize.

Say thank you!

It may sound simple, but a personal message of thanks can sometimes be enough.

Your employees will appreciate you taking the time to praise their effort and it could motivate them to continue performing at that level.

Use this kind of occasion to better connect with them, especially when a lot of people are going through hard times. Don’t forget to send them some honest wishes and positive vibes.


Steph King is a content writer from the UK with a passion for writing about Business and Marketing.

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