Neatness counts when it comes to the appearance of your business

A professional cleaning service will help make sure your business premises make a good first impression on customers.

A professional cleaning service will help make sure your business premises make a good first impression on customers.

By Henry Brown

Is your business a bit of a dump? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of entrepreneurs struggle every day to keep their enterprises ship shape.

If you want to keep the positive image that you’ve worked so hard for, you need to focus on presentation. Your clients can and will react negatively if your office is strewn with mess or your building is crumbling from the outside.

Don’t skimp on cleaning; get professional help

There’s a big difference between companies that do their own in-house cleaning and those that hire professionals such as Green Facilities. Professionals have a much larger array of tools at their disposal. And they’re often more diligent in knowing all the parts of your business that could benefit from a clean.

When clients see a disorganized office, they see a disorganized company

Imagine for a second that you walk into the offices of one of your suppliers and find paper all over the floor and piles of mess on the desks. What would you think? Would you think that the company was running efficiently? Or would you worry that their disorganization would affect the quality of the service that they could offer you?

When it comes to your clients, the outward appearance of your business is important. If you can’t keep your own house in order, how on earth are you supposed to help your clients keep theirs?

Start by coming up with a filing system to file away all your bits of paper that are lying around. Then begin investing in long-term solutions to rid your office of paper entirely. With today modern cloud-based tools, there really is no need to keep all your documentation in physical form.

Make your premises look beautiful, especially if you are in a rundown area

If your business that depends on foot traffic, often the first thing that customers see is your premises. Customers are impressed when buildings are beautiful and well kept. They’re unimpressed when the see graffiti, broken signage and crumbling masonry.

If your business is located in a rundown location, you might be tempted into thinking that its appearance doesn’t matter all that much. But the evidence suggests that firms that take care of their appearance in these areas actually end up doing better.

You don’t have to do all the work yourself, of course. That’d be dangerous. Get professionals like SAS Rope and Rail to do the work for you. Once your premises are looking good, you’ll attract more customers and garner a better reputation.

Always stick to your advertised business hours, even if you work from home

Thanks to Google Businesses and the Internet in general, it’s never been easier for customers to find out when you’re open. Customers will make decisions about whether to visit you or not based on this information. But businesses that don’t stick rigidly to their opening hours can find themselves in trouble. The last thing you want, therefore, is for them to turn up, only to find you’ve gone home. Keep your business professional by sticking around right up until your advertised closing time.

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