Perfecting your video conferencing etiquette

Virtual reality is making video conferencing an even more effective business tool.

Virtual reality is making video conferencing an even more effective business tool.

Not that long ago video conferencing was something only big companies did. But technological advances have made video conferencing not only affordable to small businesses, but also mean you can video conference using mobile devices like tablets and cell phones or even just sitting at your desk using VOIP or a conference phone.

According to this Microsoft Office blog post, video conferencing will soon be commonly used for more than the traditional virtual meeting, including for such activities as conducting job interviews. Why spend money to fly in a job candidate for an in-person interview when it’s cheaper for you and much less time-consuming for the candidate to do a video interview?

Microsoft also reports that virtual reality is about to bring a whole new dimension to video conferencing. With this augmented reality, all participants can sit in the same room together, no matter where they are physically located. And then there’s this: “With traditional video conferencing, participants only look into a camera and onto their screens to see one another. This often leads to missed eye contact and a continued feeling of separation. With technology like the HoloLens, participants can turn their head to the left to look at the hologram of the person sitting on their left. They can turn to their right to interact with the person on their right. In addition, they can share projects and manipulate them in real-time as a team. All of this can be done in a virtual environment set in the physical world.”

Communications experts say that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal. Video conferencing lets you pick up on body language and facial expressions, thereby avoiding miscommunication. Whether video conferencing is part of how you operate now or soon will be in the future, the information in this infographic on video conferencing etiquette will help you put your best foot forward when taking advantage of this technology.

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