Steps to know when you want to start a small business

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By Rayanne Morriss

Owning a small business has proven to be a great career option for many people. However, some people are wary of going out on their own because of the many hassles involved. You have to be business savvy, and this can be a challenge if you are new to this field of money-making. Fortunately, we look at a few steps to know when you want to start a small business:

Identify your sources of funding

Funding is an important resource for business, especially if it’s going to have many operations. It’s also an important resource if you cannot cover to all the expenses your small business will require. While most people shy off from asking or seeking financial help, it’s an important step. It helps you spread out the risk of starting a business, and you also get access to sufficient cash for your business. Locating a source of funding should be easy once you have a concise business plan. The common source for funding can include family, friends, banks, crowdfunding, and more. Each financial source has its benefits and drawbacks, which you have to evaluate thoroughly.

Choose a suitable idea

You have to choose a business idea because it will help direct the significant decisions you will make. It’s one of the essential steps to start a small business. Various business ideas require thorough research, especially on consumer needs. Nowadays, tools such as Google Trends and Ahrefs can help you identify consumer needs. These tools also help you perform an analysis of your competitors that have an online presence. Such information can be influential in helping you to start a successful business. More so, choosing the right idea involves considering the things you find passion in life. For instance, if you are into healthy eating, you can start an eatery business.

Realize the importance of digital marketing

Billions of people make search queries online today for services and products. Your business is likely falling into any of these queries that people search for online. Many consumers today are also available on platforms on social media platforms like Instagram. Not many people today have realized the importance of digital marketing for business. It makes digital marketing one of the best ways to enjoy a competitive edge over other companies. Search engine optimization and social marketing are some of the common digital marketing techniques. Through digital marketing, you can leverage the traffic you get from these channels. Since your business is small, you can use the common digital marketing concepts or techniques available online. If you are feeling generous, consider the help of a digital marketing service.

Prepare a business plan

A business plan provides insight into all the functions, goals, and operations of your business. It serves almost the same purpose that a blueprint should do for a construction building. Without it, your project will become disorganized and eventually fail. A good business plan includes the expected time frames for achieving your business goals. It is also a vital resource when seeking stakeholders or financial help. The quality and conciseness of your business plan should have a crucial impact in getting finances.

Choose a business structure

A business structure is essential for various reasons. First, it identifies the operations and aspects, such as the legal liability factors of your business. Second, it also helps identify your business to state agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The typical business structures you can choose include:

– Sole proprietorships are businesses where you are responsible for liability and profits. There are no patterns, and you are solely responsible for the company.

– Partnerships which involve two more businessmen. Each individual takes up a specific percentage of profit and legal liability.

– Corporations are legal entities that operate separately from the owners. The companies can make a profit and are eligible for taxation.


It’s good to be willing to take the risk to start a small business. However, before you can ensure success, you have to use a thorough approach. The firm has to meet specific criteria, and you have to be well informed. If you are detailed and organized, success is a guarantee.


Rayanne Morriss is currently working towards her BA from Oregon State University. She loves to write, read, travel, and paint. She enjoys finding new coffee shops with friends and expanding her cooking skills with her husband.


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