Storage ideas for small businesses

Shelving is a must-have storage solution for your small business.

Shelving is a must-have storage solution for your small business.

By Henry Brown

Storage is a big concern for many small business owners. But you shouldn’t let it get you down. Here are some top storage ideas that could be the answer to your prayers.

Buy stock more strategically

Stock takes up a lot of space in many offices. If your business involves buying stock, the key question is whether you are buying it in a way that is clever. Most businesses don’t, and this can lead to overstocking and overcrowding. One stocking strategy that you could try out if you are having this problem is just-in-time stock management. This is when you organize your stock to arrive just in time for when you need it. This means that you won’t have the stock cluttering your office space for long periods of time.

Use the walls

Once you run out of floor space that you can store stuff in, you should start using the walls. A lot of the stuff that is taking up space in your office can quite easily be stored on a shelf on the wall. This is a great solution to your problems, so why not go for it? You can never have too many shelves if you ask me. They are so useful and don’t get in your way. But having stuff cluttering up your office floor space definitely does cause problems. So, install some more shelves to free up some of that all-important floor space that you’ve been lacking.

Keep the mailroom organized

Organizing a mailroom is one of the biggest challenges in a large office space. It can only be done if you take a logical and well-thought-through approach to it all. Any business has lots of letters and parcels coming in and going out. So, it makes sense to keep things organized and in working order. Any documents or letters that are old but you want to keep hold off should be kept in an archival storage unit. This keeps the old stuff separate from the newer things. This is important and stops things getting lost. You should also have a large storage basket that can be used for letters and parcels that need to be sorted. Go to to buy one of these.

Invest in a storage unit

If you have so much stuff that needs somewhere to be kept that it’s becoming a big problem, invest in a storage unit. You can get old storage units pretty cheaply. They can then be kept on the land outside your office, and you can lock them up and access them when you want to. You can even lease these from a company. Visit to find out about this. The big benefit of this is that you can hire it for as long as you need it. And then when you no longer need it, you can simply stop paying and let the company take it away again. The extra room that you’ll free up in the office will be very useful.


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