Posts tagged building customer loyalty

Elevating business aesthetics: How to attract and retain customers

Dixie Somers writes about the important role good aesthetics and design play in creating loyal customers for your small business.

6 tips to build and keep customer trust (Infographic)

Chi Whitley offers advice on how to build customer trust and provides an informative infographic on the topic.

5 business benefits of social commerce

Henry Brown explains how using social commerce can benefit your small business.

How to grow customer loyalty during a crisis

Heather Redding suggests ways to strengthen customer loyalty in a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensuring you can benefit from repeat customers

Henry Brown explains how you can increase the likelihood that customers will come back for more.

Marketing psychology: 4 tactics to increase your small business sales

Emma Miller writes about four ways you can leverage marketing psychology to build your small business sales.

Why you need to build trust before you start selling in your business & how to do it

Henry Brown writes about the importance of building trust before you start your sales pitch to customers.

Use these strategies to retain more customers

Henry Brown writes about the importance of retaining existing customers and offers ways to do just that.

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