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Tips to boost the online appearance of your small business

Alex Williams offers tips on how to make sure your website and social media efforts pay off for your small business.

What to ask before hiring a SEO consultant

Henry Brown suggests four key questions to ask before hiring a SEO consultant to boost your website’s visibility.

Marketing trends that will define 2017

Here are three marketing trends that small business owners should consider adopting in 2017.

Flaws that will sink your website

Blogger Henry Brown writes about three major problems that can cause your website to be a flop.

Your small business can’t afford a mediocre website

Here’s an infographic that shows why your small business website has to shine.

How to fix 4 common small business website mistakes

Guest poster Harry Brown identifies 4 common small business website mistakes and explains how to fix them.

Why your website conversation rate sucks and what to do about it

Guest poster Henry Brown suggests ways you can increase the conversion rate of your webpage by making sure your sales page really works.

Good small business reads #30: Advice on hiring, websites, media interviews and more

Blogger Jeanne Yocum brings you this month’s issue of “Good Small Business Reads.”

How to hire the best Internet partner: Part V

Silvana Gravini writes about the website design/development process that should be clearly explained in any proposal from your potential website vendor.

How to hire the best Internet partner: Part IV

Identifying skill sets and project management capabilities are two of the essentials to explore when hiring a Website designer, writes blogger Silvana Gravini.

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