Three threats to your online businesses

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By Sheryl Wright

The technological world is grows more complex each year and an increasing number of small businesses depend on online platforms for their success. With this tremendous growth, please ensure that your information is secure. No business owner would like to be a victim of online data hacks, but if it happens, it can be severely damaging.

You need to know the vulnerabilities of your business. To help you navigate this, we present three significant threats to your online business and how you can prevent them.

Breach of customer information

It is crucial to protect your customers’ data against any form of hacking. Allowing your customer’s information stolen from you through the online platform will hurt your business since your clients will lose trust in your company.

Further, the customer may initiate a lawsuit if the leaked data includes credit or financial data. You could also have a decline in your sales if word of the breach becomes public. To stop this from happening, consider updating the software you use for your business from reliable sources. You can also opt to use firewalls and many other filters. All this is to ensure that any loopholes of hacking your customer’s information are sealed. You can also consider using patch management.

Business website hacking

You might get so consumed in worrying about your customer’s data and forget about keeping your own business information safe. Just as the client’s data is vulnerable, so is yours. You have to be cautious since the information can be used to the advantage of your competitors.

It is even more challenging if your business uses several categories of online software. Hacking your information can be possible also in situations that demand keeping most of your data on online servers. Your website is among the areas you should consider securing from the possible breaching. If hackers can access your website, the amount of harm they can cause to you and your business is unimaginable. They may use the information to expose your company negatively, and if this happens, your client base may decline.

Because of this, we advise you to consider updating software regularly so you have the most recent ones. Further, information backup and encrypting files on a more frequent basis is also advised. Again, you can go further and ensure that your passwords are strong enough and no one else has access to them except the people you strongly trust.

Mistakes by employees

Mostly, you may assume that employee mistakes can also be a vulnerability that can give hackers access to your data. Some of their common mistakes are a reason for you to find a way of make a cyber security a strong focus of employee training. Make sure your employees understand the importance of online security to your business.

Further, enlighten them on the consequences posed in case their mistakes lead to a breach of your company’s online security. It is at this point that you bring the employees on board regarding online safety. Educate them consistently on the measures they should employ to avoid a data breach.

Also, encourage your employees to report to you any suspicion of a security breach. By doing this, they will be at the forefront of protecting your data. Taking precautions and knowing what is likely to be detrimental to your online safety will put you in a better position to avoid information breaching and data threats.

In summary

As you think of taking your business online, consider finding credible ways to ensure your business, your customer, and your data are safe from hackers. For more information on how to keep your company and business secure from online breaches, check this out.


Sheryl Wright is a freelance writer whose passions include cooking, interior design, and true crime novels. If she is not at home reading, she is at a farmers market or antique shop. She currently lives in Nashville, TN, with her cat, Saturn.

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