Top sellers: What to stock at your small convenience store

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By Lizzie Weakley

Running a small convenience store can be a profitable business if you stock the right products. With limited shelf space, it’s essential to stock only the most popular items that customers are more likely to buy. This blog post will look at the top sellers at small convenience stores that will keep customers coming back.


Bread is a staple in most households, and it’s no surprise that it tops the list of top-selling products in small convenience stores. As a store owner, it’s essential to stock different types of bread, including white bread, whole wheat bread, and sourdough bread. You can also offer gluten-free bread and bagels to cater to customers with special dietary needs. Most customers will purchase bread for sandwiches or toast for breakfast, making it an excellent item to have in stock. There are fresh bread delivery services that can come right to your store.


Confectionery is another popular product for small convenience stores. These are sweet treats that customers can grab and go, and they are perfect for satisfying cravings. Candy bars, chocolates, and gummy bears are some of the most popular confectionery treats that you should stock in your store. It’s also an excellent idea to offer sugar-free and low-fat options for health-conscious customers.


Beverages are one of the most profitable items in convenience stores. Customers need to buy something to quench their thirst, and they prefer ready-to-drink options. Some of the top-selling beverages in small convenience stores include bottled water, energy drinks, soft drinks, and fruit juices. Coffee is also a popular beverage, and it’s an excellent product for convenience stores. You can offer hot and cold coffee, and you can also have a machine for customers to make their own coffee. Customers can also serve their own soft drinks to add or control the amount of ice they desire. When you opt for a self-serve soda fountain, always use high-quality components, such as fluoropolymer tubing to ensure the best quality for your customers.


Snacks are a must-have in any convenience store, and you need to stock various options for your customers. Chips and pretzels are some of the most popular snack options, and you can also offer nuts, popcorn, and healthy snack options like granola bars. It’s also a good idea to stock snacks that cater to customers with food allergies, such as no-nut granola bars.


Cigarettes are also one of the top-selling products in small convenience stores, although it might not be the healthiest option. It’s essential to have an extensive selection of cigarettes for customers to choose from, including different brands and flavors. You should also ensure that you comply with state and federal laws regarding the sale of tobacco products.

Stocking what customers want is essential to running a successful small convenience store. Bread, confectionery, beverages, snacks, and cigarettes are some of the top-selling products in small convenience stores. However, the products that sell the most in your store may vary depending on the location of your store and the needs of your customers. It’s essential to keep track of your sales and customer preferences so that you can stock products that will keep your customers coming back.


Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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