Why field service should be a priority for business owners

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By Rebecca Stuart

Field service is when maintenance or management of resources is conducted en route or at a client’s location. That is, technicians are sent to the customer’s site to install equipment, provide regular maintenance, and even consulting, evaluating local conditions to suggest the adoption of new processes or equipment.

Field service operations can look different depending on the business offering them. But the goal is the same—to give customers an even more satisfying and efficient experience. After all, no one is better than your company’s technicians to take care of installation or repairs when necessary. They are more familiar with the product than anyone else, and with the right tools (such as the best field service software) your company can be a field service standout.

There are many benefits to offering field service and reasons it should be a priority for business owners.

Ensure the quality of your product

One of the best benefits is ensuring that your products are being used correctly. With complex equipment or technologies, it can be challenging for clients to understand the new product and use it to its fullest potential.

Equipment operated in the wrong way can gradually and “invisibly” damage until it comes to a complete stop. If a generic technician unfamiliar with the product is called in to have a look, the damage may be irreversible. When your company takes over the installation and maintenance of the products it sells, you can maintain its quality reputation and ensure that the equipment is being used correctly.

Offering preventative maintenance for your products also extends their life, making customers even more satisfied. The benefits of preventative maintenance are invaluable in terms of hours and money saved. Keeping equipment and machinery in good condition eliminates the frequency of serious failures and emergency calls.

Boost customer service

Field service workers are the best-prepared technicians to meet the needs of your clients. After all, they offer personalized guidance for using your business’s products and act with authority when questions or concerns arise.

Your customer can call a generic technician to evaluate a piece of equipment they purchased, but this professional will have to analyze and understand what they are dealing with before anything else. Field service technicians already know that product in-depth and have been trained and prepared to provide the best assistance.

Technicians can even offer advice, recommending the best models for purchase when the customers are considering upgrading their operation. Clients will appreciate the personal touch and not having to worry about the maintenance or repair of complicated equipment/products.

Deeper product understanding

Although it may seem like lots of additional work to offer field service, there are ways to automate the process that make it well worth it. You can also incorporate data and analytics reporting through field service that allow you to understand how your product is being used. For example, you can assess how long a machine is used per day and the user behavior, how often it undergoes preventive maintenance, whether the equipment is underutilized or overloaded, etc.

By monitoring and analyzing this data, it’s easier to identify patterns that allow your technicians to work faster on maintenance or repairs. This information is also beneficial for updating and improving your products in the future. It’s much better to stay connected with your products and see them in action.

Maximize revenue

If you work with products that have a long lifespan, this means clients will purchase from you less often. Offering field service provides another revenue stream for your business.

As the customer will not be buying new products anytime soon, you can continue doing regular business with these same clients by providing preventive maintenance and repairs to the product they purchased. That is, you will continue to keep an open line with them even without selling anything new.

The best way to do business

The market is more dynamic and competitive than ever. Consumers’ expectations are also increasing. They no longer want to just buy your product; they also expect excellent service during and after the acquisition. That is, the purchase doesn’t end when the money enters the cash register.

By offering installation, maintenance, and consulting for your own products, you guarantee a faster service and maintain a quality standard that can set you apart from the competition. Remember that today a single consumer disappointment can make them go straight to your competitor next time.

Additionally, field service operations are a smart way to keep in touch with your customers so you are close whenever they need new equipment or products.


Rebecca Stuart is a part-time freelance writer who specializes in writing about business, technology, and lifestyle. She is also a mother of a daughter and likes to spend her free time doing art.

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