Why networking is important for small businesses

Networking is important for businesses of all sizes, but when you are just starting out, the contacts that you make and nurture can make all the difference when it comes to growing your organization.

From spreading the word about your company to expanding your target market and even mentorship or partnership opportunities, there are lots of things that putting yourself out there can accomplish! Here are some of the reasons why networking is so important – and a few tips to help you improve your skills.

A strong network means support

When you are just starting out, it is important to surround yourself with plenty of support and encouragement – and to make contacts that can help you grow your business. Fellow small business owners are a great place to start – you can bounce ideas off each other, share strategies and learn from your collective successes and failures.

Your network can also offer you support in other ways. For example, you may need a printer or a web designer – and if you have built a comprehensive network, chances are you already know (or know someone who knows) a person who can help you get the job done.

Networking is also a great opportunity to find a mentor – someone with experience in your field who you can rely on to provide wise counsel and support. Including mentors in your network will make you better equipped to deal with rough patches – you can learn lots from their experience and support,

Networking can help you grow

Whether you are planning to launch a new product, expand into a larger market or even just trying to raise your company’s profile, having the right contacts can make the process a lot easier. Smart networking will ensure you are constantly in touch with suppliers, shipping companies and distributors to get your products and services out there.

If you are thinking about entering into a new market or supplying products or services overseas, networking in advance can help you act quickly and decisively when the time comes to put your plan into action. By knowing where to go, who to speak to and what to do in advance, you will have an edge over other competitors.

Nurturing your network

Now that you know how effective a network can be in helping you grow and develop your business, it’s time to put your skills to the test.

Networking is as much about nurturing existing relationships as it is about making new ones – staying in touch regularly can ensure you remain at the forefront of your contacts’ minds so they think of you when new opportunities arise.

You can nurture your local network by attending regular industry events or making plans to meet up once a month with other business owners in your area. For international contacts, the process doesn’t need to be much more complicated – scheduling regular conference calls can help you keep your connections strong.

Check out services offering international conference calls – some providers let you record your conversations as mp3s to reference at a later date, doing away with the need to take extensive notes during the conversation.

By building and nurturing a solid network of contacts, you’ll perfectly position yourself for business success!


Edel Flood writes for SquareDigital, a digital publishing company.


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