Articles from September 2021

The beginner’s guide to crowdfunding (Infographic)

This infographic explains crowdfunding and offers tips on how to make it work for your small business start-up.

Virtual vs. face-to-face meetings: What are the pros and cons?

Steph King compares the benefits and downsides of face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings.

Management advice for startups in the hiring stage

Sheryl Wright offers tips on how start-up companies can do a great job managing the hiring process.

Tips to improve the online presence of your small business

Henry Brown offers ideas on how to build a more effective online presence for your small business.

How to increase your content marketing skills

Henry Brown discusses how to improve your content marketing skills to promote your small business.

What your business merchandise says about your brand

Henry Brown discusses why having quality promotional items for your small business matters.

How to succeed in the retail business

James Daniels offers smart advice to anyone considering opening up a retail location.

What types of injuries most often result in workers’ compensation?

Anica Oaks discusses the most common types of workplace injuries and the impact such problems can have on a small business.

3 simple ways to prevent money loss in your small business

Henry Brown offers three tips that will help you avoid having money drain from your small business.

Common small business mistakes to avoid

James Daniels highlights several mistakes commonly made by small business owners and offers ideas on how to avoid them.

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