Articles from December 2022

How to protect your small business from loss

Lizzie Weakley offers strategies on how to avoid losses in your small business.

Do’s and don’ts of video marketing to children

Indiana Lee explains the ethical considerations of using video marketing to attract children and offers ideas on how to do it the right way.

Small business opportunities and advice for people with disabilities

Emma Miller discusses the possibility of starting a business if you are disabled and points to resources that will help.

How to improve the customer experience in your small business

Henry Brown advises small business owners on how to improve the customer experience and thereby increase customer loyalty.

5 creative ways to capture client attention with visuals

Henry Brown discusses how to attract and engage customers online by using high-quality photos and videos.

How to save money on electric bills for your small business

Brooke Chaplan offers tips on how you can reduce the electric bills for your small business.

Top digital platforms for effective marketing

Tony Hooton discusses which digital platforms will deliver best results for small business advertising.

Keeping customers engaged: Why you should use mass calling

McKenzie Jones writes about the benefits of using mass calling as a marketing tool for a small business.

How to run a small business as a new mom

Lizzie Weakley offers mompreneurs some tips on how to balance being a new mom with running a small business.

5 necessary programs needed when starting your own business

Brooke Chaplan writes about five types of software that start-up entrepreneurs will need to get their companies off to a great start.

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